Sprint users: We want more Windows Phone devices

Sprint users: We want more Windows Phone devices
Yesterday, we reported that no Windows Phone devices were to be added to Sprint's lineup in the near future, as  Steve Owens, Vice President of Product Realization at the carrier revealed. He also stated that the HTC Arrive, the carrier's only Windows Phone device, was not doing well as it was delivering a sub-par user experience.

Well, some Sprint customers were not too happy about Mr Owens' lack of excitement about Windows Phone. In fact, an online petition has been already created and nearly a thousand signatures have been collected to this moment.

Since Customer feedback has proven to be quite effective on some occasions, it will be interesting to see whether Sprint will take notice of the petition. As some of you probably remember, Verizon decided to drop its $2 “Convenience Fee” because of the massive subscriber uproar that followed. However, a thousand signatures are highly unlikely to change Mr Owens' mind given that Sprint caters to over 53 million customers. At the same time, AT&T just got a couple of great Windows Phone devices, namely the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II, might have gotten a bit envious because of that.

Nevertheless, we will be keeping an eye on the situation. Rest assured that we will let you know as soon as we learn something new.

To view and sign the petition: click here.

source: Sprint Users

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