U.S. couriers won't accept Note 7 devices unless properly packaged, fireproofed

Since all carriers in the United States promised to honor the replacement of all Galaxy Note 7 units, regardless of when they were bought, many customers have already decided to head over to the closest retail store and turn in their phones.

However, those who prefer to send their Note 7 phones through couriers will have to wait for their carriers to send them proper delivery packages that have been approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Even then, there's a high chance that U.S. Couriers won't accept these packages.

For example, FedEx Ground division will accept Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones (new or used), but only from mobile phone retail locations in the United States. FedEx Ground confirmed that it will not take any phones from individual customers or from any other type of store, not even the ones with FedEx counters or drop boxes.

Jim McCluskey, a FedEx spokesman, confirmed in a recent statement that his company has taken all the precautions necessary to ensure the safety of employees and assets while delivering the Galaxy Note 7 phones.

UPS, the other major shipping company in the United States, updated its guidelines concerning the transportation of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones as well. The company said it will not accept these phones without proper packaging and certainly not from individuals.

Both shipping companies said that they will not move the Galaxy Note 7 devices by planes, so everything will be handled by ground transportation.

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