The official Galaxy Note 7 return kit is morbidly hilarious and totally practical

The official Galaxy Note 7 return kit is morbidly hilarious and totally practical
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is done for. So done for, apparently, Samsung is sending return kits to owners of the Galaxy Note 7 bent on disposing of their dangerous smartphones. The morbidly hilarious package contains no less than four boxes, some of which feature thermal insulation. There are also an anti-static bag, an instruction manual, and a pair of safety gloves. Who knew a smartphone had to be handled with this much care? Sending the Galaxy Note 7 on its way is the equivalent of delivering an especially dangerous convict with maximum security measures.

Humor aside, Samsung is definitely doing the right thing. Sending the Note 7 back to the company is much safer in this manner, as it greatly reduces the risk of the battery igniting during transportation – and it will contain the damage to within the boxes in the case of a fire. This is a more competent alternative to bringing the handset back to the store, or sending it via courier in its original, non flame-proof packaging.

So, if you own a Galaxy Note 7 and haven't returned it yet, don't be surprised if a package worthy of carrying explosives in it suddenly shows up at your door. The instructions are clear – power down the Note 7, put it inside the box, put the box inside another box, repeat until there are no more boxes left to fill and the thing is ready for its return trip. As for the safety gloves, you can keep them as a souvenir.

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