Time for fun: check out some of the most amusing and entertaining text messages ever sent


You've certainly fallen victim to the notorious auto-correct at a given point in your life. Although nifty, this functionality tends to fail in the most inappropriate moments, causing you either great shame or utter embarrassment, usually accompanied with a hefty amount of pure and unprovoked laughter from both of the parties that take part in the humiliating text message conversation.

Sometimes, these can give birth to some pure comedy moments, which fortunately for us, get immortalized in a screenshot. But what's even worse that can happen to your auto-correct is a prankster - imagine that your phone types "nugget" every time you try to input "hi", inducing a fair amount of laughter from the doer. It's all fun and games until someone messes with the autocorrect dictionary of your phone.

We've already covered a lot of funny material, treating you to the so-called "selfie olympics", notable auto-correct fails, and smartphone-related jokes and memes. Now it's time for some of the funniest text messages that have been immortalized in screenshots!

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