Are you ready for more #SelfieOlympics? Here they are - from the funky, to the weird

Are you ready for #SelfieOlympics part 2? Here are some of the more hilarious shots
With a 13 MP front camera, the HTC Desire Eye just proved that the selfie is here to stay, gradually turning into usies and groufies (or what Huawei likes to call the group selfie). Of course, there is the #SelfieOlympics competition now, because why not, and a fresh batch of new and not so new shots has emerged for your viewing pleasure.

These might not feature Angelina Jolie and Kevin Spacey in the frame, yet are no less interesting to see, be it only for their entertainment value (and who looks for photographic quality in selfies anyway). They range from the funny, through the bizarre and embarrassing, to the extreme, and are a tribute to the selfie phenomenon that exploded with the arrival of smartphones in every hand. Mankind has certainly developed a lot since the first known self-portrait taken with a camera by the American photographer Robert Cornelius in 1839, or even the first use of the word "selfie" to describe this type of pics. Check'em out below.

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