Samsung will reportedly try to make Exynos Galaxy Note 20 palatable with Power of Our Own Parts tag

Samsung will reportedly try to make Exynos Galaxy Note 20 palatable with Power of Our Own Parts tag
The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra have leaked profusely and we know nearly everything about them. At this point, it's pretty much confirmed that the European, African, and Middle Eastern variants of the flagships will inherit the Galaxy S20's Exynos 990 chip, while the other models will be powered by the new Snapdragon 865 Plus. Well, that's not necessarily a bad thing, or so Samsung would like you to believe, reports WinFuture.

Samsung doesn't just make mobile phones. It's a conglomerate that manufactures various products including semiconductors, solid-state drives, and DRAM, and according to the publication, this self-sufficiency will be highlighted in Galaxy Note 20 series' marketing campaign.

European Galaxy Note 20: same chip, different perspective

Using the tag line "The Power of Our Own Parts," Samsung will reportedly emphasize how the Galaxy Note 20 range stands to benefit from the use of in-house components, including the Exynos 990 that had consumers up in arms. You could hardly blame them as specs, benchmarks, and real-life performance all show that the proprietary silicon lags behind the Snapdragon 865 and this time around, the differences will only grow, given that the non-European models will supposedly feature an updated version of Qualcomm's flagship chip.

Any hopes that the European-bound models will be powered by the rumored Exynos 992 have been smashed time and again. So, although Samsung seemingly doesn't have a new chip for its customers at this time, it does have a new explanation: in-house production of parts such as the chipset, flash storage, and battery results in better optimization which leads to improved power efficiency and performance.

Theoretically, the company is right. In reality, though, the Exynos-990 fueled Galaxy S20 models exhibited issues such as overheating which were non-existent on the Snapdragon 865-driven variants. Some of those problems were fixed with updates and thus it's quite possible that further software optimizations will result in a better experience.

Samsung also makes its own displays, and they are one of the best ones around. Even Apple gets most of the screens for its iPhones from the South Korean giant. The company also teamed up with Xiaomi to make the 108MP sensor that was a marquee feature of the Galaxy S20 and will probably return with the Note 20 Ultra.

Since Samsung does not get most of its parts from third parties, it results in cost savings, but unfortunately for consumers, it doesn't seem to be passing them on. The Galaxy S20 was priced outrageously and it surely hurt shipments. The company does seem to have learned its lesson as a new leak indicates that the Note 20 will be far less flashy than the beefier Note 20 Ultra, with a 60Hz flat screen, plastic build, and a less capable S Pen stylus. This will likely result in a lower price and per some reports, the Note 20 series will actually be a little more affordable than the Note 10 range.
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