Another report claims Samsung Galaxy Note 20 price will surprise pleasantly

Another report claims Samsung Galaxy Note 20 price will surprise pleasantly
Up until a few days ago, we were expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 duo to be priced outrageously. Yesterday, it was reported that analysts believe the company might reduce the price to foster demand. And now, another South Korean outlet claims the same.  

The publication alleges that the Galaxy Note 20 lineup will be more affordable than the Galaxy Note 10 series. The standard Galaxy Note 10 was launched in South Korea for around 1.25 million Korean won or $1,040. It's successor, the Galaxy Note 20, is expected to have a starting price of 1.2 million won or $999.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus had a price tag of 1.5 million won or nearly $1,249 when it was released. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is tipped to be slightly cheaper at 1.45 million won or about $1,207.

Samsung has apparently decided to decrease the Galaxy Note 20 price to keep sales afloat during the pandemic, which is already wreaking havoc on the Galaxy S20 series. And since various phone makers will likely release their flagships in the second half of the year, Samsung surely wouldn't want its marquee product to have a price disadvantage.

Granted, a 50,000 won or $42 reduction will not make a world of difference, it's still a step in the right direction. And a subtle price drop is way better than an increase, something which was hinted at by a leaker. 

Although the leaked prices are meant for South Korea, if the intent is to prop up demand, we can expect similar price cuts elsewhere. 

Could the Galaxy Note 20 price go as low as $900?

If you do direct currency conversion, the Note 10 should have been priced at $1,040 in the US. However, that's not how OEMs work and they instead take other factors into account too. The Note 10 was actually introduced for $949 and thus, it's entirely possible that the Galaxy Note 20 will actually go for less than that in the country. 

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As good as that sounds, you should take this leak with a hefty dose of skepticism unless it's corroborated by a reliable source. 

Samsung is supposedly reconsidering the component orders for the Galaxy Note 20, which again goes on to show that despite seemingly promising specs, the chaebol is expecting demand to slide. In April we heard that the manufacturer cut its phone production by more than half in response to waning demand.

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