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PhoneArena Awards 2012: All posts in one place

Posted: , by Nick T.

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PhoneArena Awards 2012: All posts in one place
We can't deny that 2012 was a year full of excitement. And what is it that gets a geek excited? Gadgets, of course! We got to play with a whole bunch of smartphones and tablets, some of which we weren't that impressed by, while others we simply fell in love with.

And now that 2012 is coming to an end, we decided that doing a thorough wrap-up would be a great idea. Over the past couple of weeks, we took a look back at the products and events that shaped up the mobile industry and highlighted the devices that had the most impact. The ones that didn't quite succeed got a mention too in our PhoneArena Awards of 2012 series.

Our loyal readers have probably been keeping track of the categories in our series, as well as to the winners in each one of them. But for the folks who might have missed a post or two, we've put together all articles in one place. Feel free to check them all out, share them with your buddies, and don't miss the chance to join in the discussion down in the comments!

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posted on 21 Dec 2012, 03:16 17

1. Johnnokia (Posts: 1144; Member since: 27 May 2012)

Thank you so much Phone Arena.. In spite of your sometimes bias to Apple, I really do like your website and enjoyed your articles with really wonderful readers and friends here..
God bless you and keep it up.

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 03:26 8

2. eisenbricher (Posts: 973; Member since: 09 Aug 2012)

Yeah, PA is awersome. I like the simple and cool layout, quick and frequent news updates, and good writers/editors.

Yeah, some of the editors, I can claim are biased a little. But hey C'mon, the bias is so less compared to other sites. We can get over it. And by the way I would say PA is very very infected by the fanboys. Maybe I am also one, but mostly I try to think even. Everyone should do the same.

And finally Humour. We love your salty, sometimes caustic sense of Humour!

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 03:34 4

3. neutralguy (Posts: 1152; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

what i love here on PA compared to other "tech-based" websites is that, PA is a place where people really interact with each other. On other sites, commentators don't bash and complement the way we do.

Cheers! Happy Holidays everyone! :D

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 05:20 1

5. Nikolas.Oliver (banned) (Posts: 1574; Member since: 01 Jul 2012)


posted on 21 Dec 2012, 04:56 2

4. bloodline (Posts: 706; Member since: 01 Dec 2011)

What I love here is the biased apple loving reviews, but all they talk about is android and without android this site wouldn't have anything to write about

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 08:20 1

6. preet27in (banned) (Posts: 173; Member since: 07 Jul 2012)

ohhh weow well the name should be PHONE ARENA BIASED AWARDS. because ultimately apple is gonna win from phone arena point of view. so u can say that we users can predict the FUTURE. hahaha. in all aspects phone arena is gna say................... ohh this particular handset is very good, music, camera bla bla but i phone is the best . all of u bet me this is gna happen. and they will say AND THE AWARD GOES TO IPHONE 5. which is a total crap and junk phone to use. give the award to HTC PHONES or NOKIA LUMIA 920, which literally are deserving or u can give a bit to samsung as well to make sammy fanboys little happy. cheers mates. i dont intend to hurt ny1 but TRUTH TASTES BITTER. phone arena guyss please WAKE UPP !!!!!!!!!!

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 13:46

7. whatacrapsite (Posts: 1; Member since: 21 Dec 2012)

Really... Note 2 isn't on the list? That tells me how crappy and biased this site is. Off my favorites, good bye.

posted on 22 Dec 2012, 03:32

8. jameshoe (unregistered)

Coming in next year...
Galaxy S IV
IPhone 5s
Nokia N10
BlackBerry M7

posted on 22 Dec 2012, 08:35

9. iDroid8 (Posts: 155; Member since: 16 Oct 2012)

Replace the N10 with Lumia 930 or 940
Also add an xperia Z....

posted on 22 Dec 2012, 17:46

10. jroc74 (Posts: 6019; Member since: 30 Dec 2010)

I was about to Follow all the award articles....then remembered this...lol.

posted on 01 Jan 2013, 14:01

11. droidjr (Posts: 1; Member since: 01 Jan 2013)

I can't believe the Motorola Razr Maxx didn;t make the list. As a phone it neats any that are out there for reception and clarity. It's 4G, has a large clear screen and let's not forget the 3300 battery I need aphone top be there when i need it and this one lasts at least 2 days.

posted on 03 Jan 2013, 05:05 1

12. MarshalAmin (Posts: 2; Member since: 13 Jun 2012)

apple based, anti samsung website! everyone knows that GS3 has been the most popular phone of 2012!

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