Phone Shopping Guide - Holidays 2007

December is knocking on our doors and the holiday shopping season has already started. Everybody wonders what to buy for their friends and relatives, and the overburdened with stock shops aren’t of real help. Everything is available in multiple versions and in order to choose the most suitable one, the customer often has to be an expert.

As mobile phones turned into the technology gadget that everybody wears with them, they surely are among the most popular presents. As we’ve said above, there are many options even after one have chosen the wireless carrier to go with, so here in our PhoneArena Holiday Shopping Guide we will examine the phones by their purpose. In the following pages, you’ll see the four major carriers, SIM-free world phones and for our European readers, summary of their market.

In each of the following pages, the phones will be categorized in the following groups:


Always in a hurry, you cannot stop thinking about your work. When you are out of the office, you still must have the same functionality – the email is always in your pocket, thanks to the powerful phone. You’ll rarely get non-smart phone, and it will definitely be a high-end model with advanced email client and internet browser and hopefully full QWERTY keyboard.


You’re wondering how people could use the plain and ugly phones on the market. The phone you use stands out of the crowd by its award-winning design, high-quality materials and most often is characterized by the slim profile and the expensive price, just as any boutique stock.


With the technology evolvement, the phones are trying to replace other devices in the every-day usage. The pocket cameras are the target of the high-end cameraphones, and you may use one to capture any special moment. As the phone is always with you, you will not miss the opportunity to take picture of something important.


Since the digital music formats were introduced to the world, we are seeing the miniaturization of the audio gadgets and now a player with more than thousand tracks can fit in normal-sized phone. Now everybody can wear a pocket music player, and you, the mello-man can hardly miss the chance to listen to your track-library on the go.

Low Cost:

You don’t really see reason of spending a fortune on a mobile phone, especially when there are decent devices at low price. Often, last-season’s top phones are in this price-range, which often makes them a bargain.

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