LG VX8550 Chocolate Review

Introduction and Design
One year ago, Verizon launched the LG Chocolate VX8500, which is now known for being one of their best selling music phones. Since then, LG has expanded the Chocolate line by adding additional color variations (Black, White, Pink, Green, and Red). Despite the color options available, we felt that the phone was quite lacking in several key areas: Voice Quality, Music Playback, Speakerphone, and Camera. /LG Chocolate Review/

On July 9 of this year, the new replacement model VX8550 (Chocolate 2) will officially go on sale. The VX8550 is essentially the same as the original VX8500, but there have been several updates to the style and functionality.

The VX8550 remains a slider phone, but is sleeker looking, due to the more rounded edges and chrome accents. It is available in three color choices: Original Black, Black Cherry, and Blue Mint. All three colors keep the same glossy fingerprint-magnet finish that plagued the original Chocolate. The overall size of the phone remains practically the same, but the weight is down from 3.53oz (vx8500) to 3.24oz (vx8550).


Dimension (Inches)

Dimension (MM)

Weight (OZ)

Weight (Gramms)

LG VX8550

3.85" x 1.87" x 0.67"

97.8 x 47.5 x 17



LG Chocolate

3.8" x 1.9" x 0.7"

96.5 x 48 x 17.5



Motorola RAZR maxx Ve

3.9" x 2.1" x 0.59"

101.4 x 53 x 15



On the font of the phone, the Touch-Sensitive Navigational Pad has been replaced by a metal Scroll Wheel, which can functions in two different ways. You can move your finger in a circular motion and actually move the wheel (which has red LED lights around it) to select different menu options, or you can simply press and click on the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right areas of the wheel to make your menu selections. Between those two methods of use, we found that the press and click method to be the easiest and most reliable, since moving the wheel with you finger does not work all that well. In the center of the wheel a small metal Selection/OK button that you press to access the main menu. The only Touch-Sensitive buttons are for the Left & Right Soft Keys, Speakerphone, and Clear.

Sliding open the phone will reveal the main keypad. The Send, End, and Camera keys have been moved to the top of the keypad and are much easier to access, than having the End and Camera keys on the side on the phone and the Send key being touch-sensitive, as they were on the VX8500. The buttons on the keypad are slightly larger than on the VX8500 and are not slippery to the touch. This makes dialing and Text Messaging easier with less accidental key-presses. Despite these changes, the keypad remains completely flat, which makes dialing by touch alone nearly impossible.

The left side of the VX8550 now features a 2.5mm headset jack, so you no longer have to use an adapter. Directly below it are the Volume Up/Down and Voice Command buttons, as well as the Charger/Data port. The right side has the Music button, Lock slider button (to lock and unlock the keypad), and MicroSD card slot (which now supports up to a 4GB MicroSD card). The Display remains the same QVGA 320x240 Pixel 262K Color TFT, but it is easier to view since the protective plastic over it no longer has the “speckle” look to it.

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