MIUI 13 logo and features leak in a series of videos

The next flagship from Xiaomi is set to arrive on December 28th but meanwhile, Xiaomi’s new operating system has leaked in its full glory. MIUI 13 was believed to be officially launched in the third quarter of 2021 but it’s almost the end of the year and yet there’s no official announcement on the horizon.

Now, judging by the sheer volume of the leak, MIUI 13 might be around the corner and this OS will probably make its debut with the arrival of the aforementioned Xiaomi 12 flagship series later this month. Back to the leak!

The information comes from the site Xiaomiui, and features the new logo of the operating system, as well as various new features, some of which are even recorded on video.

Xiaomi MIUI 13 logo

The guys at Xiaomiui claim that they had the logo for one week already but wanted to verify its legitimacy. Now it seems that the new logo has been found in a version of Xiaomi’s Services And Feedback app and also seen in leaked startup screens.

The new logo follows the same geometrically-inspired design as the previous version, using lots of sharp angles and curves but this time it clearly depicts the numbers, instead of relying on people’s imagination, and pure geometry.

The Chinese letters under the logo translate roughly to “welcome”, as they’re part of the MIUI 13 setup screens. Much more interesting are the leaked videos showing some cool MIUI 13 features in action.

MIUI 13 leaked features

This leak comes from the same source - Xiaomiui. These have been uploaded to YouTube but it’s not clear how long they will survive, so be sure to check them out.

Infinity Scroll

Video Thumbnail

This one’s been a part of the Android core experience for a while now but it’s new to Xiaomi and MIUI 13. This basically allows the home screen to be swiped indefinitely, going back to the first pane when you swipe the last one to the left, and vice versa.


Video Thumbnail

Xiaomi introduced the Video Toolbox feature in MIUI 12, and later renamed it to Smart Toolbox in MIUI 12.5 beta. Now this feature is called Sidebar and here’s how it works in MIUI version 13.

Small Widgets

Video Thumbnail

Small Widgets is yet another feature that was initially introduced in MIUI 12.5 beta and is on its way to the stable MIUI 13.

MIUI 13 is expected to build on the current software's legacy with more fun and smooth animations and options for customizing the Super Wallpapers introduced with MIUI 12. Xiaomi is doing a full makeover of its phones this year, dropping the Mi moniker from the name of its flagship lineup, and the new logo is another part to contribute to the change. Expect the new MIUI 13 operating system to be announced with the Xiaomi 12 flagship series on December 28th. 

According to the latest leak, we should expect three devices - the vanilla Xiaomi 12, the Xiaomi 12 Pro - which will be the top-tier version, and a new budget device called Xiaomi 12X. These three will launch initially, with the possibility to see a Xiaomi 12 Ultra version sometime in 2022.

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