LG will launch a rollable display phone in March 2021, according to leaks

LG will launch a rollable display phone in March 2021, according to leaks
Well, foldable phones are old news apparently, because next year we’ll have yet another contraption - a phone with a rollable display. According to TheElec, LG plans to launch a device, called the B Project. It’s part of the Explorer Project that brought us the bizarre LG Wing (read our full LG Wing review here). The B Project phone will have a display that’s rolled into the body on one side. A mechanism, similar to the slider phones of old, will allow users to pull out the display and “unroll” it to its full size.

It’s not a completely new idea as we’ve seen similar concepts from other manufacturers in the form of patent applications but it seems that LG is adamant to mass-produce this design. The information about this interesting phone is scarce at the moment, with March 2021 cited as a potential launch date.

Meanwhile, LG will also launch a more conventional flagship product, codenamed Rainbow, within the first quarter of 2021. It will probably slot in LG’s V series line of phones and will sport a Snapdragon 865 chipset. There’s no information about the price of either of these devices.


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