LG says it is also considering biometric authentication options for the G3

LG says it is also considering biometric authentication for the G3
At a press conference for the G Pro 2 unveiling, an LG exec spilled some beans regarding the upcoming G3 flagship, too. When asked whether it will include some sort of fingerprint or eye-scanning technology, like the ones already present on the iPhone 5s, or rumored for the Galaxy S5, he said that LG is considering all these possibilities for its 2014 top dog.

As for the just-announced G Pro 2, the phablet will be released in Asia first, after the South Korean launch, and this will happen in March. The US and Europe are coming afterwards, so we can arguably expect LG's first 6" phablet to hit our shores mid-Spring at the earliest. 

The phablet will apaprently be promoted heavily during the MWC expo, but the LG exec mentioned it won't clash with the events around the Galaxy S5, as they are “different-sized and not in the same category”. “The target consumer for the G Pro 2 and the Galaxy S5 are different so we don’t consider it a competition,” he said.

source: Zdnet.co.kr via G4Games

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