Will the Samsung Galaxy S5 include an eye scanner?

Will the Samsung Galaxy S5 include an eye scanner?
Samsung is apparently counting on a new feature rumored to be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S5, in order to put some distance between itself and other top-shelf Android handsets. While the early talk surrounding the Galaxy S5 has revolved around a 5.25 inch screen with 1440 x 2560 (QHD) resolution, there is also speculation that the device will include an eye scanner to offer the same functions that the TouchID fingerprint scanner offers users of the Apple iPhone 5s.

A published report on Monday, out of Korea, not only mentions that the eye scanner will be used as a security feature on the next Samsung Android flagship phone, it adds that the device could be packing some serious silicon power. The report says that in addition to a 64-bit Samsung Exynos processor under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will also pack 4GB of RAM. That is possible thanks to the new chip introduced earlier Monday by the Korean OEM. The low power DDR4 RAM chip offers 50% better performance than the currently used low power DDR3 RAM, while using only 40% of the energy.

Other specs rumored to be included in the Galaxy S5 include Android 4.4 pre-installed, a 16GB camera with the ability to capture pictures in low-light conditions, a 4000mAh battery and a metal casing for at least one variant of the phone. Surely your eyes are dilated and drool exits your mouth just looking at these numbers and thinking about the possibilities. Toss in the QHD panel and the eye scanner and February can't get here soon enough. That is when Samsung is expected to unveil the handset.

source: ItToday (translated) via BGR
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