Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner might be embedded at the bottom corners of a bezel-less display

Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6: Bezel-Less, S5 With Embedded Fingerprint Sensor
The embedded fingerprint scanner that Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to introduce into the display itself, might reach only the bottom left and right corners of the display, rather than the whole panel, reports Korean media.

Speculation mounts that this fingerprint scanner could come integrated right into the display, using its electromagnetic field, looking like some of those fingerprint prank apps you've seen in the Play Store. Now the report adds that installing this scanning zone into the whole screen is still too iffy and expensive, so Samsung opted for two corners only with the S5. 

"Scanning fingerprints on the entire screen, which was much talked about recently, will be available in the latter half of this year, as there are still technological hurdles to overcome," mentioned the source. Still, that's enough to sound like a sci-fi movie, and is perhaps based on the multi-hover tech that Synaptics is said to provide for the S5's touch layer.

The publication confirms this means no physical home key will be present on the S5, an abrupt change in design from the previous four flagships, and in line with Google's KitKat push towards on-screen buttons. The source also claims Samsung will use a thinner display package, which might thin the phone itself, perhaps aided by the metal mesh touch panels LG and Samsung were speculated to use in flagships from now on.

Furthermore, the display package is likely to be edge-to-edge, mentioned the insider, and the same concept will be used on the iPhone 6, they added. Bezel-less display package doesn't really mean bezel-less phone, as we still have the chassis frame around it, but the side bezels on those two are likely to be very, very slim. This will probably allow the alleged larger 5.25" Quad HD screen on the S5 to fit in the current compact size of the S4, though, especially if Samsung ditched the home key for good, too. In any case, the slimmer, lighter chassis despite a bigger screen is a given, based on the Galaxy flagship generations so far. What we are extremely curious to see, however, is if the embedded fingerprint scanner in the lower part of the screen will indeed materialize. What do you think?

source: KoreaHerald via G4Games

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