Interactive Apple Watch demo gives you a glimpse of the near future

Interactive Apple Watch demo gives you a glimpse of the near future
The Apple Watch is coming, possibly as soon as March. A recent survey revealed that 5.4% of current iPhone users are at the least, very likely to buy the timepiece. Since the wearable needs to be paired with an iPhone to work, most early buyers are bound to be iPhone users. Otherwise, buyers of the smartwatch will need to also purchase an Apple iPhone 5 or higher.

The gang at news app Pipes have put together an interactive demo of the Apple Watch. You can load images of the Pipes app made for the timepiece, which is a hell of a way for Pipes to let everyone know what the news app will look like on the wearable. With the demo, you can also load other apps on the virtual Apple Watch such as Instagram, Apple's Health app and Shazam. You can even return to the home screen by tapping on the digital crown.

Wall Street analysts have been working overtime with their abacuses trying to come up with a credible estimate for first year sales. The expectations range from 10 million to 30 million units on the Street, while those in the supply chain say that as many as 40 million Apple Watches will be sold in 2015.

To play around with an interactive demo of the Apple Watch, click on the sourcelink below.

source: DemoAppleWatch via PocketLink


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