If one Pixel 6 Pro owner gets her way, Google will have to recall device and issue refunds

If one Pixel 6 Pro owner gets his way, Google will have to recall device and issue refunds
The Pixel 6 Pro is perhaps one of the buggiest phones in recent memory, with owners complaining about a range of issues from unreliable fingerprint reader to signal strength. While most of the issues have been fixed, the experience left a sour taste in the mouth of some buyers and one of them wants Google to pay for it.

Filed by Jennifer Hyatt, the lawsuit says the Pixel 6 Pro has a defect that causes it to become unbearably hot. Law360 reports (via Top Class Actions) that Hyatt reached this conclusion after going through numerous replacement units, each of which was prone to overheating.

Hyatt believes that Google knew about the defect, and points to an article titled "Help keep your Pixel phone from feeling too warm or hot" on the company's website as proof. The plaintiff says that despite being aware of the defect, Google did not warn consumers that the Pixel 6 Pro had a tendency to overheat and marketed it as though nothing was wrong with the device. 

The lawsuit wants Google to run advertisements to warn Pixel 6 Pro users about the defect, recall all the handsets, and issue refunds to people who bought the device.

Hyatt wants to represent Californian consumers who bought the Pixel 6 Pro in the state. The lawsuit states that Google is guilty of violating California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act, False Advertising Law, Unfair Competition Law, and Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.

It remains to be seen whether the lawsuit will go to trial or be dismissed by the court.

Last year, a separate case was filed against Google for misleading claims about the Pixel 6 duo's charging capabilities. 

Google makes excellent smartphones and while the Pixel 6 did suffer from several issues, it may be a bit of a stretch to say that all Pro models had a defect that caused them to overheat, though the company could have behaved more responsibly.

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