Google's new Pixel promo is quite ironic

Google's new Pixel promo is quite ironic
Back in March, Google released a video showing how Zen things can be when you transfer data from your old phone to your brand new Pixel. The whole process involves moving the SIM card in your current phone into the SIM tray on your new Pixel handset. After plugging in a cable to connect both your current handset and your new Pixel, tap on certain prompts found on the Pixel's screen to kick off the process of transferring the data from your current Apple iPhone (?) to the brand spanking new Pixel that is now your possession.

Google tried this type of video promotion again last month with another video that once again explained the process of transferring data from an iPhone (portrayed by a banana) to a Pixel. Google said that so little time is needed to transfer the data that during the time it takes you to complete moving over the data, you can teach yourself how to break a wooden board with a karate chop.

And today, Google released a new video that teaches you some Korean slang while you once again tap into your banana and move data to your new Pixel. As Google so helpfully points out, "As long as you know how to plug in a cable, you can't mess this up." Some of the jokes are so subtle that you'll need to freeze the screen to take a look; for example, when Google shows the Pixel user's Wi-Fi network, it shows that the name given to it is "WiFi Art Thou Romeo."

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What is ironic about this video is that the part of the video showing off the Korean slang was not made by Google and was posted on YouTube by someone named Renda. And guess what! Google does not even sell the Pixel in Korea. Perhaps its time for Google to go back to the drawing board and create a new promo series to entice consumers to switch to a new Pixel model.

If you want to test drive a fairly recent Pixel handset, you can pick up the Pixel 4a (no 5G on this one). Here's where you can pick up this model at a good price.

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