In a new Pixel video, Google says that the Apple iPhone has "a peel" - PhoneArena

In a new Pixel video, Google says that the Apple iPhone has "a peel"

In a new Pixel video, Google says that the Apple iPhone has "a peel"
Last month, Google released a video showing how calm and relaxed you can be while transferring the data on your Apple iPhone, or another Android phone, to a new Pixel. Some tense people ought to watch the video just for its therapeutic effect. We don't know whether the video was a success for Google, but it was different and it did show that the process of switching to a Pixel shouldn't make you tense and nervous.

We can tell you that Google's follow-up video, "Switch to the New Google Pixel (and Do Yoko Uke in Karate)," has been released. We are told that if we were lucky enough to stumble upon this nearly two minute long clip, we are "curious about switching over to a new Google Pixel" and that transferring the data is "super quick and easy." How easy? According to Google, while your data is being transferred to your new Pixel, you can teach yourself how to karate chop a wooden board.

The video explains the process: insert your active SIM card into your brand new Pixel, turn the device on and make a couple of taps. Connect the Pixel to your old phone (and in an inspired bit of casting, an Apple iPhone is portrayed by a banana) and the Pixel does the hard work. "As long as you know how to plug in a cord, you can't mess this up," Google says. Your contacts, settings, and photos will transfer over by magic.

Now comes your first karate lesson. Google shared the full URL of the karate video it used just in case you really want to follow in the footsteps of the most famous of karate teachers, Mr. Miyagi. Turning back to the Pixel, once the data is transferred, you need to come up with a PIN number  (Google advises that you don't use 1234), and add your fingerprint. Besides moving over your data, your wallpaper will be transferred as well.

You just might want to bookmark this video regardless of whether you use an iOS or Android device. After all, it isn't every day that Google says that the iPhone has a peel.
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