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Transferring data to your new Pixel will make you calm and relaxed says Google (VIDEO)

Transferring data to your new Pixel will make you calm and relaxed says Google (VIDEO)
Google has released a video for those who would like to switch from their old phone to a new Pixel. The clip. which weighs in at 4 minutes and 37 seconds, opens up with a serene shot of the country where you can see a calm lake in the foreground and mountains in the background. The voice-over announcer sounds like she's broadcasting a golf tournament. Google knows that switching phones is not easy, especially if you're moving from iOS. "Even though the steps are clear and simple," the video states, " it's natural just to come at a moment like this with a little hesitation."

Google's video shows how easy it is to transfer data from an iPhone to a new Pixel

One of the fears you might have is having to go through the apps on your current phone and installing them on your new Pixel. This actually can be done in a heartbeat from the Google Store. "If this process is so fast and effortless," says the announcer in such a manner that you wonder if she has a pulse, "why is this video so long?" That's a fair question to ask. The answer? "Because while it takes very little skill to transfer everything you'd like to keep to your new Pixel, calming the mind can take a little longer."

The video explains the process as the image of a waterfall plays in the background, dropping your blood pressure to record lows. You should be sitting in an upright position in a quiet or private room. Insert the SIM card from your old device into your new Pixel. "I like to turn my Pixel on using telekinesis," says the disembodied voice noting that when we turned on the new Pixel, we probably "held down the button on the right hand side." Calm AND funny. Everything you'd want from a voice-over announcer. We are then guided to pick up the cable that comes in the box with the new Pixel and roll it between your fingers for a moment. "If that feels strange, it is," explains our host.

What you really need to do with the cable is plug one end into your new Pixel and the other end into your old phone. Tap some options that are presented on the screen, and "let the Pixel take care of everything from here on." The Pixel, states the video, carries your data (including apps and selfies) over a gentle breeze of zeroes and ones from your old Android or iOS handset to your new Pixel. No matter what your data contains, Google says not to worry as it will show up on your new Pixel faster than you expected. While waiting, Google recommends closing your eyes and taking deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this a few times while you acknowledge any ambient sounds. You can even ask yourself where your life is heading.

While the data is transferring over, you might wonder if there is a problem with the process; is it frozen?, is it getting all of the apps (some third party apps might not transfer over to the new phone), should you hit the back button? Just relax. Google says that "The Pixel is doing what it was designed to do, bringing your stuff over." And you'll be happy to know that as long as you put trust in the process and in yourself, you can not screw this up.

Last year, Google released a trio of new Pixel models, the mid-range Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, and the Pixel 5. If you plan on buying any of those models, you might want to bookmark this story to help make short work of the data transferring process. And we should also point out that if you're moving from an Android phone (like a Pixel) to iOS, there is an app in the Play Store called Move to iOS that will handle the data transferring in a quick and easy manner.
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