Gartner sees global tablet sales doubling this year

Gartner sees global tablet sales doubling this year
Research firm Gartner expects tablet sales to continue to boom in 2012 with a 98% increase in worldwide sales. Gartner now expects 118.9 million units to be purchased around the world this year, up from the 60 million sold in 2011. Despite an expected sequel to the low-priced Amazon Kindle Fire, and the launch later this year of Windows 8 tablets, Gartner still sees the Apple iPad leading the way with nearly 73 million units sold during 2012, equal to 61.4% of the global market.

With the research firm estimating nearly 38 million Android tablets to get rung up this year, Android is estimated to account for 32% of global tablet saes in 2012. Gartner sees the gap with the Apple iPad shrinking so that by 2016 the latter's market share is estimated at 46% world wide versus 37% for Android tablets. Gartner analysts said that the major problem with Android tablets is the lack of apps designed for tablets only that take advantage of the capabilities of tablets. Instead, most apps used by Android tablet users are designed with smartphones in mind.

Windows powered tablets are expected to pick up momentum starting with the 4.1% share of tablet sales forecast for this year, and rising to 11.8% of sales by 2016. Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner said, "IT departments will see Windows 8 as the opportunity to deploy tablets on an OS that is familiar to them and with devices offered by many enterprise-class suppliers. This means that we see Windows 8 as a strong IT-supplied offering more so than an OS with a strong consumer appeal." With more companies allowing workers to bring their own devices to work, Gartner forecasts the enterprise to account for 35% of tablet sales by 2015. 

source: Gartner via BGR



2. BattleBrat

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Yep, getting me a tablet at the end of this week. Archos G9 101 10 inch tablet ICE CREAM SANDWICH! 720p (basically) screen TI A9 Dual Core processor at 1.5 ghz 1 gb ram 8 gb memory w/ micro sd slot. The damage? $320! $50 less than my 64GB iTouch!, that and the G9 is actually pretty sleek. Archos actually never had any hardware problems, it was the software that sucks, but since they started using Android things have gotten a lot better. In fact the RAZR's internal stainless steel frame idea is similar to Archos smaller tablets, check their website and see.

1. SuperAndroidEvo

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Was this ever in question? The tablet is where mobile computing is going!

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