Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly not include S Pen support

Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly not include S Pen support
The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 might not be compatible with the S Pen stylus, reports a South Korean outlet  (via Sammobile).

Previous rumors had indicated that Samsung's next flagship foldable phone will ship with an S Pen. Apparently, Samsung is no longer going to bundle in a stylus with the phone because of its inability to withstand the S Pen. 

The displays of foldable phones are pretty fragile. Even though the Galaxy Fold 2 will likely sport an Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) display, it would still not be as resilient as conventional displays. Although the UTG layer is a step above the plastic polyimide film the original Fold had, it's still prone to scratches.

For a perspective, the Galaxy Note 10's Gorilla Glass 6 is over ten times thicker than Galaxy Z Flip's UTG. Samsung knows better than to take a risk. The first generation Galaxy Fold was rushed to the market prematurely and we all know how that turned out. A plastic film supposedly offers better impact resistance than UTG, but it's still not robust enough to support a stylus.

Even without S Pen support, the Galaxy Fold 2 would likely be a significant upgrade over its successor. The device is expected to have a buttery smooth 120Hz main screen, better camera specs, and a bigger battery. 

Despite these upgrades, the phone is rumored to be a tad bit more affordable than Samsung's first bendable device. The Galaxy Fold was priced at $1,980 and the Fold 2 will likely go for $100 less.

Galaxy Fold 2's successor will likely come with the S Pen

As for stylus support, it will supposedly come next year as Samsung has entered a partnership with Corning for its upcoming foldable phones. Corning, as you might already know, is the company behind Gorilla Glass and by next year, it's bendable glass will hopefully be ready. That would make foldable displays sturdier, paving the way for stylus compatibility.

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