Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 might have an ultra-thin foldable glass display, but Samsung is still undecided

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 might have an ultra-thin foldable glass display, but Samsung is still undecide
After the excitement that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip brought to us, people are waiting to see what Samsung will offer for its third foldable phone, coming later this year, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. We recently reported that it's possible the smartphone won’t feature Samsung’s S Pen, and it might also come with a cheaper 256GB version.

But what about the display? There were some cases of broken displays of some Galaxy Z Flip phones, additionally, there were some misunderstandings related to the material, from which the display was made. In the end, despite people's accusations, the display was made from foldable glass, but it was covered by a protective plastic film.

Now, a new report (via SamMobile) suggests that Samsung is still undecided on what material to use for its Fold 2 - whether to use the ultra-thin glass or make the display by a plastic panel just like the first Fold. According to industry sources, the company might go with the plastic-based panel in case it faces issues with the ultra-thin glass (UTG). Reportedly, the UTG could increase the smartphone’s weight, while Samsung is actively trying to avoid this, and it does make the display a bit more fragile.

If the ultra-thin foldable glass fails for this model, the other option for the South-Korea-based tech giant is called “transparent polyimide”, as we mentioned, the plastic panel used for the first Fold. Representatives in the materials industry stated that the competition between the plastic panel and the ultra-thin foldable glass is raging. Reportedly, production for parts for the next foldable smartphone by Samsung is supposed to start at the end of May and therefore, it’s possible that the smartphone will be released before fall of this year, but before all this, Samsung has to make a decision.

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