Friday´s News Bits

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Friday´s News Bits
  • Amazon now offers the AT&T HTC Pure for $0.01, of course, on a contract. This looks like a great deal, given AT&T currently offers the phone for $150. To everyone who does not know about the device, the HTC Pure is a version of the HTC Touch Diamond2 made for the carrier and running Windows Mobile 6.5. (source: Amazon via PocketNow)

  • AT&T will have to sell off assets to take over Centennial Communications. The FCC´s ruling is completely in step with the anti-monopoly laws the lawmakers have set in place to protect competition. AT&T will have to, like it or lump it, bid farewell to part of their assets in Louisiana and Mississippi. (source:, Thanks, William!)

  • The Samsung Star S5233T gets an FCC blessing. This is the standard (no Wi-Fi) version of the handset that has become ultra popular across Europe and Asia. We will probably see it in the US really soon, but we still don´t know what carrier it´s rolling out through. (source: FCC, Thanks, Karlos!)

  • Woman used her iPhone to ward off an imminent attack from bloodthirsty predator. This is a happy-end, funny story. Kris Rowley was taking a walk in the forest, when she spotted a bear prowling after her. In an attempt to avert the chance of becoming the dinner herself, Ms. Rowley hurled her iPhone at the sneaking beast so as to distract it and managed to break away. Later on, she went back, found her iPhone and discovered that the brave device had been severely damaged by the vicious carnivorous. However, the surprisingly skilled hunter... erm, local Apple retailer, knowing what the seemingly harmless device is capable of, stated Ms. Rowley couldn´t expect to get a replacement phone, since the guarantee doesn´t cover this particular case. We are now mentally prepared to hear stories of intrepid surfers using the fearless iPhone to chase away ferocious sharks. (source: Register Hardware)

  • The adventure of Earthworm Jim is coming to the screen of your iPhone soon. One of the quirkiest, but most hilarious characters in the video game industry that we know from his PC whereabouts will soon be controlled via Apple-made cell phones. The game looks just like its PC version as you can see for yourself in the short commercial below. (source: IntoMobile)


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