Check out the latest ad for the Apple Watch right here, right now (VIDEO)

The latest ad for the Series 2 Apple Watch is once again all about closing the rings. Last month, Apple ran an ad for its timepiece that told users to close the Stand, Move, and Exercise rings that appear on the wearable's display. Apple showed models running, rockin' and dancing with each bit of exercise closing the appropriately colored circle on the screen. Today's new ad shows other various forms of exercise including the catching of a frisbee, swimming, and dancing around with your kid.

Apple might not have revealed the actual sales numbers of the smartwatch during its latest blow out quarter, but for all of 2016 the device accounted for half of all smartwatches shipped globally. For the fourth quarter, 6 million Apple Watch units were shipped worldwide, representing 67% of all timepieces delivered from October through December.

Now that Android Wear 2.0 is out, the Apple Watch might face more competition ahead. Apple, though, feels that it is on to a good thing by pushing the exercise functions of the device. You can check out the ad for yourself by clicking on the video at the top of the story.

source: Apple



1. notmyresident

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Watch it RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW at Apple HQ (taken over from Gizmodo)

2. TechieXP1969

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But mikehunta....said shippes oanr sold. Does that apply to Apple too? Where you at Mike! They all just collecting dust. Outshipping isnt equal to outselling. Wait. Apple.aold them to 100's of retailers, and they arw all.sruck with them. But Apple isnt taking them. Until it cost what it should, which is 49.99 with no strinhs attached, i wont be being. Oh and Sammie, the GS4 needs to be off the chain or im not biting you either. Loving my GS3, but i like my Gear S2 more

3. Ironboned

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iPhonearena and these kinda retard topics

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