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The best dual SIM phones

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The best dual SIM phones
Phones that can maintain two carrier network connections at once have been around for a while, lurking in the shadows of mass adoption anywhere but in emerging markets, where those are very, very popular. If you want to take advantage of two good carrier plans at once, use one number for family and friends and another for work, or simply can't resist that great new data plan, but your contract still has mileage left in it, a decent dual SIM phone might come to the rescue.

Nowadays, we get to have dual SIM devices that aren't light years behind the market flagships. In fact, we are getting those same flagships outfitted with two SIM card slots, and have the proliferation of Android handsets in dual SIM havens like China and India to thank for that.

There's never been such a choice of dual SIM phones that are actually up for anything you'd use a modern day Android for, or such great value-for-money offerings that can connect to more than one cellular network/plan at once. That is why we are rounding up the best dual SIM handsets money can buy this season, for the times when one Subscriber Identity Module just won't cut it.

Best flagship dual SIM phones

Galaxy S9

There's barely a more value for the price you can get from Samsung than this year's Galaxy S9, with its more refined Infinity Display design, much improved low-light performance with the new sensitive pixels, and a tougher body than its predecessor. The S9 is the ultimate in the trendy frame-less design as it achieves a screen-to-body ratio larger than the iPhone X, and didn't have to resort to one ungodly notch to do that. Dual SIM model? You bet, but it will cost you a bit more than the standard one.


All Chinese flagships are dual SIM phones, but the Huawei P20 Pro is a phone that stands out with a spacious display, unique triple camera on the back, and oodles of battery life thanks to the 4000mAh unit. The triple camera arrangement is comprised of a massive, 40MP camera for regular shots, a 3X zoom telephoto cam, and a monochrome sensor enabling nice bokeh effects. A flagship that lasts and takes great night-time shots? Yep, and with two SIM slots at that.

Bonus: Oppo Find X ($999)

Find X

No, you won't be able to find it on a US carrier, but the phone with the intriguing slide-out camera kit, the best screen-to-body ratio, and the shiniest glass gradients, sports every LTE band under the sun, all but guaranteeing it will work if you import. To wit, it's not only fun and games with the 3D face-scanning kit or unlocking with a pop-up mechanism. The Oppo Find X also sports a fiery Snapdragon 845, 8 GB RAM, and 256GB storage, aided and abetted by a huge 3730 mAh battery that should last a while given the FHD+ OLED display.

Best midrange dual SIM phones

Galaxy S8

Last year's flagship is this year's midranger, but the Galaxy S8 held its price well with its unique and polished Infinity Display design, top-shelf hardware, excellent camera, and improved Samsung Experience interface. It ultimately proves that it’s well worth the asking price, despite being surrounded by tempting, lower-cost alternatives. Oh, and it is also available in a larger, S8+ variant, that is no less enchanting, and will reward big-screen lovers with longer battery life than the S8. The S8 Active version is also worth having, as it takes all that's great about the phone, and then makes it rugged, with the top battery life for the category.

OnePlus 6 ($529)


What, Snapdragon 845? Shouldn't this one be in the upper category? It should, if not for the $529 starting price which places it squarely in the upper midrange catergory these days. As all of the company's previous high-end smartphones, the OnePlus 6 offers great specs at a great price. A tall, 6.3-inch AMOLED display is at its centerpiece, a dual-camera setup enables bokeh effects and high-framerate video, and a Snapdragon 845 provides plenty of processing power. The lightweight user interface has a stock feel but also brings useful extras like Face Unlock and optional navigation gestures to replace on-screen buttons. The phone is made of glass and metal and is resistant to rain and splashes.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s ($499)

Mi Mix 2s

Premium ceramic body, high screen-to-by ratio, Snapdragon 845, dual camera with zoom options, and up to 8GB/256GB configurations, what's the catch here? Well, certainly not the price, as the dual SIM Mi Mix 2s starts from $500, making it one of the best value-for-money handsets currently on the market.

Best budget dual SIM phones

Motorola Moto G6 Plus ($249)

Mi Mix 2s

In the most affordable realm of dual-SIM handsets, the Chinese representatives take everyone out, stomp on their unsuspecting specs, and spit on their pricing. Yes, we are including Motorola in that category, too, as it is owned by Lenovo. The G6 Plus pleasantly surprised us, as its octa-core chipset and 1080p display brought about ten and a half hours of screen-on time in our test out of a 3200 mAh pack, keeping the lights on much longer than we expected, so it can be called a 2-day battery phone, too, at least with normal usage.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI Dual Camera ($230)

Redmi Note 5 Pro

The name is a mouthful, the price is very right, as this dual SIM warrior from Xiaomi features a fine Snapdragon 636 chipset, tall 6" display, 4GB RAM/64GB config, dual camera, and 4000 mAh battery for less than $250. Oh, did we forget it is refreshingly made out of metal, so you won't be so stressed out when you drop it as with all the glass-y warriors these days

The best dual SIM phones

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