A video collage shows 300 iPhones affected by #bendgate

300 bent iPhones on video
Ah, the infamous #bendgate – what started with a couple of user reports of an iPhone 6 Plus having bent out of shape by just being kept in one's pocket; went through a couple of medias intentionally warping the handset on video, as to prove that such a deed is possible; resulted in mass ridicule and mass complaints from other affected users, how many of which are legitimate is a mystery; and was intensified by Apple's tiptoeing around the matter – Cupertinians claimed that only 9 users have reported a legitimate issue with their iPhone 6 Plus having bent on its own, and also revealed footage of how they stress-test the new handhelds.

Naturally, the Internet was not pleased with Apple's willingness to belittle a problem, which seemingly affected more than 9 users. Thus, bent iPhone pictures were shared via various media, Twitter being the one most often used. Today, one can find a website, compiling pictures of 300 different bent iPhones, sarcastically named "One of the Nine". Apparently, the website is quite popular, as it can not be accessed at the current moment, due to "maintenance". However, a loyal user, and obviously – an avid #bendgate fan, has created a video collage of all the pictures, accompanied by what is probably the best possible soundtrack one can put on such a video. You can check it out below.

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via: BGR

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