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Verizon may not be the fastest US carrier but its 'network quality' remains unrivaled

Verizon may not be the fastest US carrier but its 'network quality' remains unrivaled
Hot on the heels of topping the latest RootMetrics charts across several key network quality indicators and trailing T-Mobile in both Opensignal's 5G experience report and Ookla's overall speed tests conducted during Q2 2021, Verizon is touting the results of J.D. Power's newest nationwide wireless performance study to assert its dominance over the industry's number two and three players by subscribers.

While we can fully understand if you're starting to feel annoyed or even bored at seeing so many different market research and data analytics companies rank the big three US carriers differently, the J.D. Power Wireless Network Quality Performance report is certainly still worth your attention.

That's because the metric used to evaluate Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular, and curiously enough, even Sprint this time around may well matter more for a significant number of these operators' consumers than the often microscopic differences between their download speeds and service availability.

Big Red is impressively ranked ahead of its rivals in all six regions assessed as part of 2021's Volume 2 for "network quality problems", which essentially means Verizon is easily the most reliable carrier across the nation as far as everything from calls to messages to data is concerned.

That just so happened to be the main conclusion of J.D. Power's 2021 Volume 1 study published back in January as well, and in fact, as Verizon is unsurprisingly proud to point out, this is the 27th time in a row (!!!) when the industry-leading operator manages to win the most awards for network quality in this type of report.

In case you're wondering, Verizon's worst least impressive result is registered in the Southwest region, with a flat and towering 8 network quality problems per 100 connections found everywhere from the Mid-Atlantic to the North Central, Northeast, Southeast, and West.

Interestingly, the latest batch of silver medals is evenly split between T-Mobile and AT&T, which is actually a pretty big improvement for the former "Un-carrier", bringing it extremely close to tying Verizon in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.


AT&T's network quality problems are unfortunately on the rise pretty much everywhere, which is somehow not the case for defunct T-Mobile subsidiary Sprint. Finally, US Cellular can't exactly be proud of its single-region showing, especially after beating both the North Central average and AT&T six months ago.

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