T-Mobile's Galaxy Z Flip 4 for free with no trade-in limited time offer is still live and booming

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T-Mobile is making Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4 free right off the bat with no trade-in
Samsung's highly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 are here at last, and even though their value for money is objectively good at the same starting prices as their predecessors, early adopters of these refined and faster-than-ever foldables can get a lot of great pre-order deals in a lot of different places.

While it's certainly hard to beat the manufacturer of the two state-of-the-art new phones when it comes to both outright discounts with no strings attached and trade-in savings, it's definitely far from surprising to see T-Mobile tower above its rivals in terms of carrier promotions.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 free with Magenta Max

5G, 256GB Storage. If you pick Magenta Max, you can get the Z Flip 4 for free. You need to either have eligible trade-in, or get a new line. If you don't want the Magenta Max plan, you can still benefit from discounts from T-Mobile: 50% off with trade-in, or 50% off with new line. On top of all that, you can get a free case.

Z Fold 4: up to $1000 off with new line or trade with Magenta Max

5G, 512GB Storage. For the Z Fold 4, you can get up to $1000 off with a new Magenta Max line or trade-in. Just as the Z Flip 4, you also get a free case here. If you don't want Magenta Max, you can benefit from up to $500 off with trade-in.
$799 99
$1799 99
Pre-order at T-Mobile

Both the "Un-carrier's" new and existing subscribers can save up to a whopping one thousand bucks on your choice of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Z Fold 4, bringing the former's price all the way down to... $0. What separates this incredible deal from T-Mo's competition is the lack of a trade-in requirement, although you will obviously have to jump through another big hoop to score a free Z Flip 4 with full 5G support.

Get Galaxy Z Flip 4 for up to $500 off with trade-in

Samsung is currently offering the former foldable perfection with the Z Flip 4 name at up to $500 off. The deal applies with trade-ins, where you can trade in an eligible phone or tablet.
$399 99
$899 99
Buy at Samsung

Save $900 on a new Galaxy Z Fold 4 with trade-in

The cutting-edge Galaxy Z Fold 4 is available at Samsung.com for as low as $1019.99 with eligible trade-in. And this is for the 512GB variant! You can get it for even cheaper if you go with the lower 256GB model, and further cheaper if you buy it locked on certain carriers.
$1019 99
$1919 99

We're talking about a new line of costly Magenta Max service, while the discount itself will of course be applied to your account as monthly credits over a period of two years with a device payment plan. If you don't need, can't afford, or simply don't want a Magenta Max plan, you're still looking at a more than decent $500 slashed off the price of the Z Flip 4 or Z Fold 4 via bill credits when adding a line on "most" other plans. 

Alternatively, you can trade in an eligible device if you want to and get the exact same discounts on the exact same plans without having to open a new line of service. Then again, you will naturally have to ditch something pretty recent, powerful, and well-maintained to qualify for $1,000 off the Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 this way.

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The Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G, in case you're wondering, starts at $1,800, thus dropping to as little as $800 at T-Mobile right off the bat... with 512 gigs of internal storage space. 

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That's right, Magenta is also ready to offer you a free memory upgrade for both the aforementioned model and the Z Flip 4, the latter of which can be yours at $0 in a 256GB configuration. Last but not necessarily least, there's a complimentary case to be had as well after a Samsung rebate. Not bad for these hot new Android contenders for the title of best phone available this holiday season, eh?

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