T-Mobile is revolutionizing carrier switching with extended free trials and deep eSIM integration

T-Mobile is revolutionizing carrier switching with extended free trials and deep eSIM integration
If you've been disappointed by some of T-Mobile's latest "Un-carrier" moves, not to mention all those recent price hikes disguised as increased fees, get ready to have your mind blown by a somewhat random and weirdly low-key new announcement.

Of course, this doesn't really concern existing Magenta subscribers, but if you know someone who's been dying to try out the nation's largest and fastest 5G network, you can be the bearer of some truly outstanding news today.

eSIM all the things!

Starting right now, anyone previously impacted by the "insane artifact left over from a stupid, broken, arrogant industry" that's the unnecessarily complicated carrier switching process can complete said process in a matter of minutes for up to five different people.

Something tells us Verizon will not respond well to being (indirectly) called "stupid" and "arrogant" by T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert, but it's certainly hard to argue with the utility and groundbreaking aspect of Easy Switch.

The new T-Mobile app feature takes the eSIM technology the "Un-carrier" has (partially) supported since 2019 to the next level, allowing virtually anyone with an unlocked eSIM-compatible smartphone to quickly and effortlessly ditch Verizon or AT&T from the comfort of their home. 

That's right, you don't need to visit a physical store, call customer service, or even choose a specific new plan to switch to T-Mo... as long as you use a handset "shipped in the last three years."

Pretty much all recent (and even semi-recent) Apple, Samsung, and Google phones come with full eSIM capabilities out the box, and if your particular device you refuse to upgrade to a newer or more sophisticated model does lack that technology, T-Mobile will simply send you a good old fashioned physical SIM card to complete your hassle-free switch for yourself and your entire family.

So... much... free... data

The aptly named Network Pass is perhaps an even more notable "move" worthy of the glamorous "Un-carrier" launches of yesteryear, giving you free and unrestricted 5G access for "up to three months."

That's free of charge, mind you, but also free of speed limits... up to 50 gigs of data per month, at least. This is basically an extension of T-Mobile's old 30-day or 30GB Test Drive program, and yes, you will be able to combine Network Pass with Easy Switch to get 90 days of (almost) unlimited high-speed data in "as little as five minutes."

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You obviously don't have to ditch your "primary" mobile network operator before the three-month T-Mobile free trial ends, with your phone's eSIM technology activating Magenta as a secondary provider until you're ready to make your final choice.

Said choice is also made easier by the third and final new T-Mobile app feature unveiled today, which is pretty aptly titled as well.

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With Network Scorecard, Network Pass users will essentially get those 5G comparisons everyone seems to love directly on their phones to highlight the "core" performance, coverage availability, and average download speed differences between, say, Verizon and T-Mobile.

The innovative aspect of this tool is its focus on 5G differences that are actually relevant to potential switchers, relying on your zip code to deliver a "customized report" based on "T-Mobile and third-party data." 

Of course, that doesn't sound 100 percent reliable and objective, but after so many independent reports and speed tests awarding T-Mo with top 5G honors across the nation, it's safe to assume these scorecards would favor Magenta in most cases even if they used exclusively "third-party" measurements.

Available for iPhone owners already, Network Scorecard, Network Pass, and Easy Switch are headed to T-Mobile's official Android app "soon" too, which is definitely a little disappointing. Let's just hope "soon" actually means "soon", and you won't have to wait more than a few weeks to join the easy switching party on Android.

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