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Mystery Un-carrier announcement draws near as possible T-Mobile CEO swan song

Mystery Un-carrier announcement draws near as possible T-Mobile CEO swan song
John Legere was appointed CEO of America's third-largest wireless service provider back when T-Mobile ranked well below Sprint in terms of subscribers, preparing to leave the ship as it sails steadily towards challenging the Verizon/AT&T duopoly.

Before passing the baton to current COO Mike Sievert at the end of April, Legere got the chance to unveil and fully detail yet another record-breaking financial report, and during said announcement for the fourth quarter of 2019, as well as last year as a whole, the charismatic businessman also teased quite possibly the final "Un-carrier" move of his CEO tenure.

While no exact announcement date was shared, Team Magenta's skipper did confirm the mysterious event will take place by the end of 2020's first quarter. At worst, that means we're seven weeks or so away from what we expect to be advertised as the second phase of the New T-Mobile development.

That's the name Magenta's network will adopt if the company's Sprint merger is ever green-lighted, but you may want to keep in mind T-Mo hasn't actually implemented any of the programs unveiled at the New T-Mobile 1.0 launch event back in November. Hence, there's a very good chance Legere will once again boast about one or several merger-dependent initiatives at a New T-Mobile 2.0 event this or the next month.

Of course, that's just a guess on our part, which means we're playing right into Legere's hands here. After all, there's a good reason why we're not being told much about the upcoming Un-carrier announcement, and in the own words of T-Mobile's CEO, that's to begin and keep the "speculation games" going for as long as possible leading up to the actual event. All Legere can reveal is that his "team of evil geniuses" is hard at work on "changing this industry for the better" yet again.

It remains to be seen if the verdict in that recently concluded trial filed by 14 state AGs and the attorney general for the District of Columbia will be announced before T-Mo's next Un-carrier move, and what can Magenta actually do to "change this industry for the better" if the legal uncertainty continues to linger on. Any guesses from our readers and devoted T-Mobile fans?


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