Skullcandy's four new true wireless earbuds variants are affordable and innovative


Skullcandy might not be the world's most popular manufacturer of true wireless earbuds (or traditional headphones, for that matter), but according to one market report from a little over six months ago, the Utah-based company was ranked among the thriving industry's global top ten vendors in both volume and revenue, which is no small feat considering how many tech giants have dipped their toes into "hearables" in the last year alone.

While far from what would conventionally be viewed as a giant, Skullcandy definitely stands out with the diversity and choice of its true wireless earbuds lineup, expanded today with a grand total of four all-new models. These bad boys are not just unusually affordable and available in eye-catching colors with designs and form factors fitting all preferences and needs, also grabbing our attention with a truly distinctive feature.

Although most earbuds out there come with a proprietary "Find My" solution of some sort, Skullcandy takes smart location functionality to the next level with the help of none other than Tile. The California-based company behind the world's most popular Bluetooth trackers is making it possible to find individual new Skullcandy earbuds even when placed in their charging case, which is apparently not available in "other solutions currently on the market."

Basically, each earbud is made to work as an individual Tile, which should greatly reduce one of the biggest fears of any new true wireless earbuds owner. Of course, the Skullcandy Push Ultra, Indy Evo, Indy Fuel, and Sesh Evo have a lot more going for them than this arguably innovative but ultimately minor feature.

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The $59.99 Sesh Evo, for instance, are, well, just $59.99 with an IP55 sweat, water, and dust resistant design, as well as a total battery endurance rating of 24 hours, and a trio of paint jobs including swanky Bleached Blue and Pure Mint options. Then you have the $79.99 Indy Evo, available in Pure Mint, Chill Grey, and Black hues with improved ergonomics and a battery life of up to 30 hours (charging case included).

Finally, the $99.99 Indy Fuel and Push Ultra are actually radically different, with the latter model boasting "moldable ear hooks" while the former variant looks pretty much identical to the cheaper Indy Evo. The Push Ultra can keep your tunes going for six hours by themselves, taking that number all the way up to 40 hours, yes, forty when also considering the wireless charging case. Now that's what we call stiff low-cost Apple AirPods competition!

On top of everything, you should know all Skullcandy products come with something called the "Fearless Use Promise", which is a warranty extension of sorts that allows you to replace any lost or damaged part at a hefty discount with absolutely no questions asked. A replacement Push Ultra earbud, for instance, will set you back $29.99, while an Indy Fuel charging case costs $39.99 under the terms of this special program.

All four new true wireless products also feature easy-to-use touch controls for both calls and music, including the ability to seamlessly switch between three different equalizer modes with either hand. Obviously, there are no premium features like active noise cancellation in tow here, but the same can be said about the vast majority of true wireless earbuds from other brands available in the sub-$100 price segment.

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