Samsung teases possible unveiling of the first Exynos processor with an AMD GPU

Samsung teases possible unveiling of the first Exynos processor with an AMD GPU


Following the rumors of an AMD-powered Exynos chipset coming out on November 19, Samsung has made an official statement through the Samsung Exynos Twitter account, denying the rumors.

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Back at the beginning of June, we found out that Samsung and AMD are working together on the next Exynos chipsets, which will be the first to have an AMD GPU inside. Well, today Samsung gave a strong hint on when it will be unveiling said new Exynos (Exynos 2200) chip in an Instagram post on the Samsung Exynos account.

The text both in the caption and within the post itself build quite the picture of how Samsung feels about this new Exynos chip. “... let’s show you what entertainment will look like in the future,” one of the carousel slides reads. The post ends with the bold statement that “everything changes on November 19, 2021.”

The South Korean tech giant goes even further in its emphasis on the jump this new chipset will allegedly bring to the mobile tech industry. In the first slide we see a person playing an old arcade while the caption under the post reads:

What we know about the Exynos 2200

For now, we know that the fruit of Samsung and AMD’s wombo combo is likely to bring substantial improvements in graphical power. That might even include ray-tracing capabilities, thanks to an mRDNA graphics processor inside.

The Exynos 2200 is said to have a maximum clock speed of 1250 MHz, which is substantially better than The Exynos 2100, which had a maximum frequency of 854 MHz. A 144Hz refresh rate, integrated 5G connectivity, and support for the latest versions of WiFi and Bluetooth are all features expected from the new Exynos.

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Unlike with the GPU, the CPU in the new Exynos will not see that drastic of an increase in performance. However, it will likely have a new Cortex-X2 for the high-speed 2.9 GHz primary core while keeping the 2.8 and 2.2 GHz unnamed triple and quad-core clusters.

Recently, some Samsung Galaxy S22 vs S21 Exynos 2200 benchmarks leaked, and they paint an even better picture of what the new SoC might entail.

Samsung usually unveils its new chipsets before releasing its yearly flagship phones, so the teased November 19th date sounds believable. There are only ten days until then, so it won’t be long now until we see what AMD and Samsung can do when they join forces.

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