Samsung Galaxy S22 vs S21 Exynos 2200 benchmarks hint at good things to come

Samsung Galaxy S22 vs S21 Exynos 2200 benchmark scores hint at good thing to come
While every tech giant and their chihuahua is on board the homebrew mobile chipset trend, Samsung has been playing this game for a while with varying success. Its latter days Exynos processor incarnations were marred by thermal and performance issues compared to their Qualcomm Snapdragon alternatives, chiefly on account of the stock ARM-Mali graphics it used in the package.

All of that is about to change with the next, Exynos 2200 iteration, which would reportedly by the first to bear the fruits of the Samsung-AMD labor under the form of an mRDNA graphics processor that is as frugal as it is powerful compared to its heretofore Mali counterparts in Exynos chipsets. 

The alleged Exynos 2200 just got benchmarked again, reportedly running on a Galaxy S22 prototype, according to MySmartPrice, and the score is not too shabby even in that non-final version, previewing what may be to come with Samsung's new chipset.

Exynos 2200 vs Snapdragon 888 vs Exynos 2100 benchmark scores

As you can see below, the purported Exynos 2200 scores are only a tad above the Galaxy S21 benchmarks, yet at a much lower clock frequency. Given that there will likely be further refinements to both the engineering prototype and the chipset software management, we can reasonably expect a faster S22 performance compared to the S21 in their Exynos versions.

When it comes to the Exynos 2200 vs Snapdragon 888 scores, though, the new Samsung chipset wins by a larger margin as Qualcomm's processor is clocked at a comparable level. There will be a new, Snapdragon 898 processor in the Galaxy S22, though, so that Exynos 2200 advantage might be moot by then.

Needless to say, pure synthetic benchmarks are only a part of the equation, and sustained performance, as well as throttling under pressure are the ultimate criteria to look at. In the case of the Exynos 2200-laden Galaxy S22, we will also be very, very interested to parse the pure graphics subsystem scores, AMD mRDNA GPU and all that.

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