Here are some of the best smartphone ads not created by Apple

Here are some of the best smartphone ads not created by Apple
Last month we presented our top seven television commercials for the Apple iPhone. On top of the list was the first nine ads that Apple and AT&T ran to show consumers how the iPhone works. In fact, the very first words of the very first ad were "this is how you turn it on." And America was hooked. Now, we want to find the best smartphone ads that were not made by Apple. And our pick for the top ad in this category is NOT for an Android phone.

Samsung has released some of the funniest parody ads that make fun of all things Apple

By the third quarter of 2013, Windows Phone had its best showing with 3.6% of the global market. Android had about 78% of the market and iOS had an 18% slice of the pie. The only chance that Microsoft and Nokia had to pick up some market share was to challenge both Apple and Google. So an ad was created that made fun of the constant bickering that takes place between iOS and Android fans while positioning Windows Mobile as being the best choice.

In the ad, a fight between iOS and Android fans breaks out at a wedding. The best part of the 60-second spot occurs when a woman lands a solid right-hand to the jaw of an iOS user. "Autocorrect this," she says. At the end of the ad, two waiters working the wedding are calmly surveying the battle that is going on around them. With a Nokia Lumia 920 in each of their hands, the male waiter asks, "You think if they knew about the Nokia Lumia they'd stop fighting all the time?" The female waitress responds by saying, " I don't know. I think they kind of like fighting." (source: RawkinapTech)

By 2011, Samsung was beginning to carve out a name for itself as an iPhone killer with the Galaxy S II. The manufacturer decided to take on Apple and its fans by creating a 60-second ad showing iPhone fans waiting on line outside an Apple Store to purchase the iPhone 4s. The chatter on the line includes concern about the battery life and the fact that the iPhone 4s looks exactly like the iPhone 4 (although it did introduce Siri to the world). One iPhone fan waiting to get in the store says,"If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?" Suddenly some of those waiting on the long line spot a couple of bystanders carrying the Galaxy S II. Not only does it have a larger display, the Galaxy S II also supports 4G. And in the ad's most memorable line, one guy sitting on the pavement waiting to purchase the iPhone 4s says, "I could never get a Samsung, I'm too creative." Which elicits this response from the guy standing next to him; "Dude, you're a barista." (source: Todd Wasserman)

An ad created for Samsung called "Moving On" starts with a young man walking on the street and happening upon a line for the original Apple iPhone back in 2007. He buys the device and live goes on as an Apple fanboy. In 2013, he upgrades to the iPhone 5s and meets the woman who will be his girlfriend. She owns a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the larger screen size and S Pen capabilities set it apart from Apple's latest handset. In 2016, while dating, both fall off of a dock and get soaked. Her Galaxy S7 has an IP 68 certification rating and survives without an issue while his iPhone is placed in a bowl of rice in an attempt to get the water out. The following year, after realizing that the new iPhone no longer has a 3.5mm earphone jack, he shoves his iPhone in a drawer and opens a box to reveal his new Galaxy Note 8. (source: Peek of the Net)

In 2018, Samsung released a series of ads that not only mocked the iPhone but also made fun of the typical Apple "Genius" working at the Apple Store. The ads typically centered around a feature of the iPhone X or something related to the phone that didn't seem intuitive to an Apple Store customer who compared the phone to something he read or saw about the Samsung Galaxy S9. For example, in one spot a woman comes into the Apple Store and asks the Apple "Genius" if the iPhone X comes with a fast charger. After the "Genius" replies in the negative, the customer says, "I hear the Galaxy S9 comes with a fast charger." The Genius points out that she could buy a USB-C to Lightning cable and the fast charging adapter. The response leaves the customer stunned. We should point out that Apple now includes an 18W charging brick in the box with the iPhone 11 Pro models. (source: BlowtorchHonor)

If you can think of other ads that should have been on this list, let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. Some of you might get a nostalgic glow from viewing these while others might be seeing the commercials for the first time. Enjoy!

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