Samsung Gear S3 Frontier with 1-year warranty available for $145 in Cyber Monday eBay deal

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier with 1-year warranty available for $145 in Cyber Monday eBay deal
Released more than two years ago, the Apple Watch-rivaling Samsung Gear S3 didn’t initially sell like hotcakes, but ironically, last year’s launch of the Gear Sport and the Galaxy Watch announcement a few months back appear to have given the Tizen-powered oldie a new life.

Of course, we’ve seen all three smartwatches (repeatedly) discounted over the past few weeks, and even though that very recent $130 Samsung Gear Sport deal with a 1-year warranty seemed unbeatable, there’s a new Gear S3 Frontier bargain you’ll definitely want to consider.

A measly $144.99 will get you the dark grey timepiece in “new other” condition on eBay, which may sound a little sketchy at first. But believe it or not, the units on sale right now at a new all-time low price are backed by a 1-year warranty from the same top-rated seller that still charges $130 for a “new other” Gear Sport.

Quick Ship Electronics describes the item in this $144.99 listing as fully functional, powering on with its factory settings restored, and shipping nationwide (for free) with all its original accessories included. The packaging might be “slightly distressed”, but other than that, you shouldn't be able to tell this isn’t an entirely new device. 

Keep in mind that the refurbished Gear S3 Classic units sold by a trusted third-party Amazon retailer for $160 a pop last week only came with a 90-day warranty, and the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier refurbs available at $170 last month from A4C were pretty much in the same boat.

Meanwhile, Samsung and Best Buy are still asking $200 for all-new Gear S3s, and the price could well go up after Cyber Monday. 

It’s perhaps needless to say Quick Ship Electronics only has a “limited quantity” of the Gear S3 Frontier available on eBay at $144.99, with a 46 mm case, both Android and iOS compatibility, a black silicon band, beautiful Super AMOLED display, built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, NFC and MST for Samsung Pay support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, both a mic and a speaker, as well as IP68 water and dust resistance.

Check out the deal here

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