The leak to end all leaks: here are all the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 specs and prices

The leak to end all leaks: here are all the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 specs and prices
Considering that Android tablets are still not incredibly popular anywhere in the world, at least compared to Apple's iPads, the amount of attention the unreleased Galaxy Tab S8 family has received in recent weeks is pretty amazing.

Of course, Samsung might not be very happy to see all its Tab S8, S8+, and S8 Ultra secrets spoiled ahead of a likely February 9 announcement alongside a trio of ultra-high-end Galaxy S22 handsets that's gotten the exact same treatment from industry pundits, leakers, and tipsters over the last few months.

Believe it or not, European retailers have spilled the beans on the Galaxy Tab S8 series a number of times lately, revealing (or rather confirming) today everything there is to know about an already comprehensively leaked lineup of future premium iPad Pro alternatives.

"Official" Galaxy Tab S8 prices

Yes, with the help of the prolific and always reliable Roland Quandt over on Twitter, it seems like we've cracked the Galaxy Tab S8 pricing puzzle for good, at least as far as European markets like France are concerned.

Without further ado, here's how much every single Tab S8, S8 Plus, and S8 Ultra configuration is expected to cost on the old continent and what that could mean from a US pricing perspective:

  • Tab S8 Wi-Fi - €749 with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage; €799 8/256GB
  • Tab S8 5G - €899 8/128GB; €949 8/256GB
  • Tab S8+ Wi-Fi - €949 8/128GB; €999 8/256GB
  • Tab S8+ 5G - €1099 8/128GB; €1149 8/256GB
  • Tab S8 Ultra Wi-Fi - €1149 8/128GB; €1299 12/256GB; €1449 16/512GB
  • Tab S8 Ultra 5G - €1299 8/128GB; €1449 12/256GB; €1599 16/512GB

Judging from the Galaxy S22 family, which is now expected to start at $799 in the US and €849 in Europe, the above numbers could stay the same or, more likely, decrease slightly when converted into American currency.

Otherwise put, there's a good chance the "regular" Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 will be priced at $700 and up in Wi-Fi-only versions and at least $850 with built-in 4G LTE and 5G connectivity. The Tab S8+, meanwhile, could start at around $900 stateside, with the absolute Tab S8 Ultra monster likely to fetch $1,100 in its most affordable variant and $1,250 and up when equipped with 5G support.

Full Galaxy Tab S8 specifications

No, this information is technically not etched in stone, hailing from third-party retailers rather than Samsung itself, but there's no way said retailers simply made up this stuff, which also happens to fall perfectly in line with what many trusted leakers previously told us to expect. In short, these are almost certainly the final, official, and pretty much complete specs of the Tab S8, Tab S8+, and Tab S8 Ultra:

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While there are clearly no shocking revelations in the table above, it's definitely nice to see the razor-thin Tab S8 Ultra profile, for instance, "confirmed", although the 14.6-inch beast might still be fairly hard to maneuver while traveling due to that unwieldy screen size and a largely fitting weight. 

As for the vanilla Tab S8, its TFT display certainly sounds like an important downgrade compared to the Plus and Ultra variants, but that's exactly the strategy Samsung adopted for the Tab S7 duo as well, so we're also not surprised on that note. The rest of the specs are equally unsurprising... and similar to what 2020's Tab S7 and S7+ had to offer, making us wonder if Samsung is really trying to beat Apple for the title of top global tablet vendor at this point.

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