Behold Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra in all its refined glory

Behold Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra in all its refined glory
Whether Samsung will end up unveiling the Galaxy S23 family earlier than some of you might expect or... not, it seems like we already know exactly how all three members of said super-premium handset family will look on the outside while also having a pretty good idea of what internal upgrades over the S22 series are in the pipeline.

Hot on the heels of revealing the revised designs of the vanilla S23 flavor and the jumbo-sized S23 Plus, Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka Steve H. McFly, aka @OnLeaks, aka the champion of 100 percent reliable smartphone leaks, strikes again today with high-quality images of the no doubt state-of-the-art Galaxy S23 Ultra variant.

Wait, isn't that the S22 Ultra?

It's... close, yes, but if you take a more careful and thorough look at all the S23 Ultra design elements rigorously included in these almost certainly dependable factory CAD-based renders, you'll surely notice a few subtle yet potentially significant changes.

While the rear camera module may seem decidedly familiar at first glance, for instance, a quick scan next to the three big shooters on the left side of the handset will undoubtedly identify two additional sensors sitting flush with the glass panel.

One member of the latter group is of course the LED flash, and there was really no reason for those two components to protrude before, which is why it's nice to see Samsung focusing on refining an arguably winning ultra-high-end smartphone design.

Granted, the three "main" cameras continue to (separately) stick out from the handset's shiny rear, but that's unlikely to bother you too much, especially when you consider their insanely advanced features and real-world capabilities. You're almost surely looking at a massively upgraded 200MP snapper there accompanied by a purportedly unchanged 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 10MP periscope telephoto beast equipped with 10x optical zoom skills, so it's a genuine engineering miracle that said sensors are as subtle and unobtrusive as they are.

Another subtle revision closely and clearly depicted in the above image sees the Galaxy S23 Ultra adopt an even less curvy body than the relatively flat S22 Ultra, paying homage to the defunct Galaxy Note series. This boxy fella is obviously all but guaranteed to include a handy S Pen in its, well, box as standard, and of course, it's a little too early to know if Samsung has any plans to improve the functionality of its iconic stylus.

What else should you expect from the S23 Ultra?

A refined Android super-flagship can only get a refined super-display, tipped at roughly the same 6.8-inch size as that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra while reportedly being set for presumably subtle improvements in peak brightness, color accuracy, reflectance, and HDR performance, all of which are areas where Samsung's ultra-high-end mobile devices have long excelled in.

The overall physical dimensions will unsurprisingly not change much either, jumping slightly from 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9mm to 163.4 x 78.1 x 8.9mm. For the time being, the device weight remains under wraps, which makes it impossible to know if the battery size will increase. Many other details are unspecified or unconfirmed, from storage and memory configurations to price points and even charging speeds, but for what it's worth, Ice Universe may have already made some very interesting additional discoveries upon close examination of these freshly leaked renders.

If the images are 100 percent accurate, the S23 Ultra will not only rock a thinner "chin" compared to its predecessor, also adopting a more symmetrical look than ever with (mostly) uniform bezels all around the aforementioned 6.8-inch screen. Now that's what we call attention to detail!

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