First Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra regulatory appearance tips the charging specs

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First Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra regulatory appearance tips the charging specs
Samsung's 2023 Galaxy S-line series announcement seems to be fast approaching, as its flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra model just appeared at the 3C certification database unearthed by MySmartPrice, and carrying the SM-S9180 model number. This is the first time we are seeing tangible signs of the Ultra's existence at a regulatory body.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is codenamed DM3 internally and we can only guess what does this stand for, while the model number is denoted as SM-S918, an apparent follow-up to the Galaxy S22 Ultra's SM-S908.

There are plenty of Galaxy S23 Ultra model numbers floating around - SM-S918BDS, SM-S918U, SM-S918U1, and SM-S918W - which are all associated with the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its different country distributions. 

As usual, the suffixes denote the dual-sim and unlocked versions for various geographical regions, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to land with top-shelf specs like a 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset version without any Exynos to muddy the waters, and unsurpassed X70 5G modem connectivity.

Its highlights, however, will be the new M12 OLED display generation by Samsung that is currently used for the brightest phone screen in the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and, above all, a 200MP main camera with an HP2 sensor that will reportedly be custom-built for the Ultra, and the Ultra only.

Galaxy S23 Ultra charging speeds

The first concrete Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra specification we are learning courtesy of its 3C certification database entry, however, is that it is being tested there with Samsung's 25W charging brick.

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That's not to say that the S23 family won't support faster battery-pumping speeds, yet so far Samsung's charging bricks max out at its 45W charger and even that one tops up its Galaxies only nominally faster than its widespread 25W unit.

Given that even midrange phones like the OnePlus 10T are now at the record 150W charging speeds that in our testing brought the phone's 5000mAh battery from zero to full in just 23 minutes, a sub-50W charging speed for the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be a bit disappointing.

Still, Samsung usually does well with its charging systems, as even a 25W brick brings the Galaxy S22 Ultra battery to a full capacity for about an hour. For comparison, it takes the iPhone 14 Pro Max almost twice longer to achieve the same feat with a 30W charger and a smaller battery, which explains why Samsung often gets away with the charging speed on its flagship phones - it's just not that bad, at least comparatively.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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