The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra fingerprint sensor to be a fast two-thumbs affair

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra fingerprint sensor to be fast two-thumbs affair
The fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S23 Ultra may turn out to be one of those Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max Ultrasonic affairs that supports a wide coverage area that comfortably fits two fingers and greatly increases security and readability, claims Alvin the leakster.

Back in 2018, Qualcomm was the first company to introduce an under-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, the 3D Sonic Sensor, the same piece of technology that was first embedded under Samsung Galaxy S10's display.

The next year the US company announced an upgrade to the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, called the 3D Sonic Max, which promises to accurately scan a fingerprint in three dimensions. Unlike the first iteration that only allows users to scan one fingerprint, the 3D Sonic Max lets you scan two fingerprints at the same time. 

The 3D Sonic Max version of Qualcomm's ultrasonic fingerprint sensor offers a recognition area that is 17x larger than the previous generation, allowing for increased security via simultaneous two-finger authentication, increased speed and ease of use, says Qualcomm:

This made the 3D Sonic Max the world's largest fingerprint sensor and also the first in the world to enable two-finger authentication. On top of that, 3D Sonic Max promises to deliver 1::1,000,000 rather than 1::50,000, which should prevent fingerprint spoofing and inaccurate results. 

Qualcomm also claims that its new fingerprint sensor is faster than the previous generations, and since we now have phones equipped with it, like the Vivo X80 Pro, subjective impressions are indeed of a much quicker reaction than what's on, say, the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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