Leaked Galaxy S22 series display and processor specs tip big design and performance jump

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Leaked Galaxy S22 series display and processor specs tip big design and performance jump
Samsung may be readying a design overhaul for its flagship Galaxy S series, if a tipster with good track record turns out to be correct once again. According to Mauri QHD - you know, the one who leaked the S21+ way back in December last year - there will be three new display sizes for the Galaxy S22 series.

Mauri is basing their prediction on the same source that has been feeding them good info for a while now, and claims that the display diagonals of the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra 
will be shorter on average than those of their respective S21 model predecessors.

Samsung Galaxy S22 vs S21 series displays size

  • Galaxy S22 vs S21 display diagonal: 6.06" vs 6.2"
  • Galaxy S22+ vs S21+ display diagonal: 6.55" vs 6.7"
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra vs S21 Ultra display diagonal: 6.81" vs 6.9"

To be honest, we are somewhat relieved that Samsung may be going with smaller display sizes for the S22 models compared to the S21 series, as the Ultra, in particular, is one positively giant and unwieldy in palms and pockets handset. Moreover, the sheer fact that Samsung is exploring other display sizes might mean that we are in for a design upgrade of the next Galaxy S series. 
The Infinity-O panel and the accompanying phone housing paraphernalia is getting a bit long in the tooth, plus we heard that Samsung may be experimenting with an under-display front camera for more uninterrupted look, so that might have warranted a revamped exterior, too.

Unfortunately, just like this year, only the Galaxy S21 Ultra panel is expected to be with the latest LTPO technology that is not only power-sipping, but rather allows for very granular display refresh rate adjustments in small increments to save on battery depending on the content shown. Apple is preparing to do something similar, too, as just the iPhone 13 Pro/Max are rumored to have a 120Hz LTPO display, so Samsung may have taken a cue and decided that it's not the time to be overly generous with the specs, too.

Samsung Galaxy S22 processor specs

Another tip from the same source - this time about the next flagship Android phone processors - is tangentially connected to the Galaxy S22 series as well. Mauri QHD has been reporting for a while that Samsung has won the orders for both the next-gen Snapdragon 895 top-shelf processor of Qualcomm, and, explicably, of its own Exynos 2200.

Heretofore we only knew that both Samsung and TSMC are in the running for the production of Qualcomm's next best thing in mobile processing power, but now it seems that Samsung has own the competition with its newfangled EUV method. 

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A generational processor production node may have warranted this win for Samsung's foundries and its latest superior lithography machines, as the era of 5nm processors that lasted in 2020 and 2021, will be over as we move to the next node step. Samsung, in particular, may be so confident in its foundry's technology, that it has reportedly moved directly to a 4nm process for the Snapdragon 895 and Exynos 2200.

Actually, it has purportedly rebadged the third-gen 5nm technology that the two potential Galaxy S22 chipsets will be made on, to denote first-gen 4nm one as it has concluded that the performance boost from the 5nm that is in the top iPhones and Galaxies of this world, will be about the same. 

We can't deny that we are excited about the future S22 models based on these eventual design overhaul and processor specs alone, but also when we add new camera sensors that Samsung announced not long ago. Hopefully the rumored shrinking of display diagonals will mean more compact phones as well, especially in the case of the S22 Ultra. 

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