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Samsung misses the mark with two new anti-Apple ads promoting the Galaxy Note 9


It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with Samsung’s increasingly vicious attack ads on Apple, as the world’s largest smartphone vendor waited a measly 24 hours or so to pit the brand-new Galaxy Note 9 against the slowly aging iPhone X in the latest additions to the viral “Ingenius” marketing saga.

The two new 30-second clips uploaded to the company’s official US YouTube account are aptly titled “Power” and “Pen”, highlighting, you guessed it, the stylus and (vague) power advantages of the Note 9 over its current top rival.

Once again, the actor playing a Genius Bar employee struggling to find excuses for missing iPhone X features steals the show, even if the commercials themselves mostly fall flat. For one thing, it’s never explained exactly what it means for a phone to be “really powerful, man.”

You could obviously reach that conclusion if you consider the Galaxy Note 9 packs up to a whopping 8GB RAM, compared to only 3 gigs of the good stuff inside the iPhone X. The Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 processors are also crazy fast... in theory, but at least for the time being, synthetic benchmarks give the iPhone X the edge in theoretical power.


It’s also completely unfair to equate 2D and 3D facial recognition methods, while the S Pen is a clear and important Galaxy Note 9 strength... and that’s precisely the problem with the other new Samsung ad.
What’s the target audience there? Who doesn’t know iPhones lack stylus support? Why not push some of the new S Pen’s innovative functions instead? Maybe show it in action, elaborate a little on what makes it so special. Let’s just go back to that brilliant “double dongle” zinger and keep our fingers crossed Samsung regains its sense of humor.
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