Samsung mocks iPhone X notch, storage, and multitasking in fresh batch of 'Ingenius' ads

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Samsung’s advertising department is on a roll lately when it comes to poking fun at arch-rival Apple (and pointing out some of the greatest weaknesses of the newest iPhone lineup), hilariously highlighting the Galaxy S9’s superior download speeds, rapid charging capabilities, camera prowess, and lack of... explicit double dongle activity.

The world’s largest smartphone vendor even added a subtle touch of parody to a fresh trio of Galaxy Note 9 teasers, but that wasn’t enough for one day of Apple taunting, so three new “Ingenius” ads are also up on Samsung US’s official YouTube channel.

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Everyone’s favorite fake “Genius” is back to defend another three iPhone X flaws, namely the notch (of course), microSD card slot absence, and certain multitasking limitations. Needless to say the actor playing a tech support specialist doesn’t do a particularly good job of endorsing Apple’s latest crown jewel, although he does recommend buying a version with more storage when a potential customer inquires about a microSD slot, which seems like a classic “Genius” move.

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No matter how you feel about the iPhone X, Galaxy S9, and Samsung’s advertising gimmicks in general, you’ll probably agree that notch-mocking clip in particular is a riot. Basically, it’s funny because it’s true (and because no one loves the notch), not to mention that unexpected and totally random comeback of an old friend. And look, he’s got company! Now, isn’t that a good-looking family?

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