Samsung's original Galaxy Buds are cheaper than ever with a 1-year warranty

Samsung's original Galaxy Buds are cheaper than ever with a 1-year warranty
Samsung made the very smart choice of keeping the Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+ around at a permanent $150 discount after the introduction of the much costlier Galaxy S20 smartphone family, but while the first-gen Galaxy Buds are still available on the heels of the Buds+ announcement, the company continues to charge $130 for a pair of 2019-released true wireless earbuds.

That may have seemed reasonable last year, but now it's only 20 bucks lower than the recommended price of the vastly improved Galaxy Buds Plus. On the bright side, you can generally count on major third-party retailers like Best Buy and various top-rated eBay sellers to offer massive discounts on "certified refurbished" and "open box" units.

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Quick Ship Electronics, for instance, currently sells a white pair of Samsung's original AirPods rivals at a measly $59.99 in "excellent, new condition with no wear" alongside a full 1-year warranty. The lone difference between these heavily marked-down headphones and brand-new units available directly from their manufacturers should be the packaging. Otherwise put, this 99.8 percent positively rated eBay vendor can't ship the ultra-affordable Galaxy Buds in their standard retail box, but you will get all the original accessories.

More importantly, these bad boys should look as good and work as well as the brand-new products up for grabs elsewhere, fetching a lower than ever price unlikely to be undercut by anyone in the near future. At 60 bucks, we're pretty sure you won't be too bothered by the shortcomings of the first-gen Galaxy Buds in comparison with the second edition.

After all, our in-depth review found the audio quality on this version to be quite solid (although far from impressive), while the battery life and design were pretty remarkable... until the Galaxy Buds+ boosted those already great endurance numbers by five hours on a single charge and nine hours in total when also considering the capabilities of the very convenient wireless charging case included as standard.


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