Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra price and release: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra price and release: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint
Samsung has just unveiled the new Galaxy S20 trio and yup — it's just as hot as we expected it to be. Yeah, the rumors left little to the imagination, but it was still nice to see that all of them were on point. Beautiful devices, beastly hardware, very promising cameras.

But there was one rumor that many were hoping isn't correct... the one about the pricing of the new phones. Well, the prices are now a fact, and here's what the four major US carriers have to offer you:

Straight from Samsung

You can go straight to Samsung's website and pre-order a Galaxy S20 for any carrier, or unlocked. Samsung is running a trade-in promo where it'll collect your old phone in exchange for store credit. The most we could get out of it was a $700 discount for an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Something more realistic, like a good condition Galaxy S9 Plus, will get you $300 off your Galaxy S20 purchase.

Additionally, pre-ordering from Samsung will give you extra credit to spend towards other eligible products. A Galaxy S20 will give you $100 to use in the Samsung store, an S20+ will get you $150, and the S20 Ultra will put a virtual $200 in your pocket.


Big Red will open the pre-orders on the 21st of February. What's special here is that the Galaxy S20 that will be sold on Verizon is specifically built to support the carrier's Ultra Wideband 5G network. In contrast, Galaxy S20 models from other carriers (or unlocked) will only support sub-6 5G bands a.k.a. "the slower 5G". This only goes for the smallest S20 — rest assured that Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra will support both sub-6 and mmWave (Ultra Wideband, in the case of Verizon).

Pre-ordering an S20+ or S20 Ultra from Big Red will net you a discount of $150 or $200, respectively. That's the only promo that's currently available


AT&T's plans differ in that you can get your device on a 30-month contract, thus lowering the monthly installments even further. As with Verizon, pre-orders will begin on the 21st of February. The AT&T promo wants you to switch — port a number over to AT&T's new Unlimited Extra or Unlimited Elite plans, trade in your phone, and you will get $1,000 of your Galaxy S20 purchase refunded in the form of monthly credits over the next 30 months. If you only open a new line, instead of porting it in from another carrier, you get a $500 credit. That said, the new Galaxy phones will run you:


The un-carrier isn't running any special promo for the Galaxy S20 phones, at least not yet. But hey, on the upside, this provider has the Jump On Demand program, which means you can get the S20 on lease even if it's not yet time to renew your contract! T-Mobile's pre-orders open on the 20th of February, so you can spend your money a day early, too! Here are the prices for the regular installments plan (new or renewed contract) and then the Jump! program's prices:


Just like T-Mo, Sprint will begin accepting pre-orders on the 20th of February. And just like T-Mo, there's no notable promo to talk of, at least not yet. The carrier still hasn't uploaded its pricing for the new Galaxy phones, but we'd say it's a fair bet it won't deviate from what the competition is currently offering. So, here's the table now, but be aware this is just speculation until Sprint announces the official prices:

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