Hidden code reveals new manual update feature for Google Pixel Buds

Hidden code reveals new manual update feature for Google Pixel Buds
Remember the original Google Pixel Buds? While they were called wireless Bluetooth earbuds, they were not true wireless earbuds as a wire connected the left bud to the right one. Consumers and even some Google reps were confused about the design. In 2017, at a Google pop-up store in Manhattan, a store employee told a customer that if he didn't like having that cable connecting the two earbuds, he should just cut it off. The customer recoiled in surprise and told the rep that Google says not to cut the cord and the employee responded by saying, "Well, I better stop telling people that."

Last year, Google released a truly wireless version of the Pixel Buds and there was one feature that users were not pleased about. Updates are downloaded automatically and are installed when not in use; users have no say in the process. But that might be about to change. 9to5Google recently completed a teardown of the latest version of the Pixel Buds app which revealed strings of code pointing to manual updates for the accessory.

One string of code found in the latest version of the Pixel Buds app reads, "Tap to manually update your earbuds." Obviously, this suggests that users will be able to click on a button to start the updating process." If the update cannot be completed, you'll receive a notification to that effect and be prompted to try again. The last two strings say "Could not finish the update" and "Tap to retry."

The new feature has yet to appear on the Pixel Buds, but that could be due to the fact that the last update for the wearable was disseminated back in September. Or, it could just mean that the update containing the manual firmware updating feature has yet to drop. Either way, Pixel Buds owners will be happy to know that they will soon be in control of the updates made available for the device.

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