The exciting Pixel Fold remains $500 off through Amazon's hottest deal

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The exciting Pixel Fold remains $500 off through Amazon's hottest deal
If you're into the foldable phone universe and want to try it out with your own hands, consider getting yourself a Pixel Fold. Granted, this bad boy expects a successor in the eyes of the Pixel Fold 2, but do you know what else? It still sells for 28% off its hefty list price. The spectacular offer remains live at Amazon.

Save $500 on the Pixel Fold at Amazon

You can still get the Pixel Fold at its best price on Amazon. The limited-time deal has been live for some time, letting you save $500 on Google's first-ever foldable phone. It has a great cover and main screen and a wider form factor, making the front screen very convenient to use without unfolding your phone. Under the hood, you get a Tensor G2 chip and 12GB RAM, plus 256GB of built-in storage space. If you've always wanted to try the Pixel Fold for yourself, now's a great time to do so.

Right off the bat, we should note that the Google phone is by no means cheap right now. With its MSRP of as much as $1,800 (not unlike other big foldables), the $500 discount we see now brings the price tag to about $1,300. Still, we have never seen a more considerable price cut on Amazon, so this one shouldn't be ignored.

Unlike its main rival – the Galaxy Z Fold 5 – the Google option has a wider cover screen that's much more comfortable to use. The OLED panel measures 5.8 inches and runs at up to 120Hz refresh rates. The main screen is just as gorgeous as the front one, with a size of 7.6 inches, OLED technology, and the same 120Hz max refresh rates.

Under the hood, you naturally get the Tensor G2 chip that optimizes user experience at the expense of raw horsepower. As noted in our Pixel Fold review, the device offers reasonable but not crazy-fast performance.

If you love taking photos, this handset should meet your needs. It features a 48MP wide camera, a 10.8MP ultra-wide sensor, and 10.8MP 5X zoom. In a typical Pixel fashion, you get pretty accurate color representation and many, many details. Additionally, the device offers reasonable battery life from its large 4,821mAh battery.

It's a given that the upcoming Pixel 2 will have many improvements over this first-gen foldable phone. However, it's highly unlikely to see great discounts on the second iteration until Black Friday (at least). On the contrary, Amazon's Pixel Fold deal is here and lets you save $500 right now. So, why not take advantage?

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