With the Pixel 6 series now configured for AT&T, here's what AT&T customers need to know

With the Pixel 6 series now configured for AT&T, here's what AT&T customers need to know
Both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been available for seven months and through the Google Store, the phones have been offered unlocked and configured for Verizon and Fi. Those on AT&T could order an unlocked version but it didn't come with a compatible SIM card and couldn't be financed using AT&T's 0% 36-month financing (your financing option was to pay over 24 months instead). However, starting Thursday the Google Store started listing AT&T versions of the Pixel 6 series models right alongside Verizon and Fi.

So now those rocking AT&T as their wireless provider can go to the Google Store and order the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and receive a SIM card. Even more important, such purchases will be eligible for AT&T's 36 month 0% interest financing instead of having to finance over 24 months. However, the price of the AT&T Pixel 6 is jacked $100 over the unlocked model to $699 so that your Pixel 6 will support mmWave 5G.

The problem with mmWave 5G is that while it does deliver the fastest download data speeds hitting 1Gbps and faster, it is almost impossible to find a mmWave connection unless you live in a major metropolitan city (with Superman as your neighbor). On the other hand, as we pointed out, paying the extra $100 for the AT&T configuration of the Pixel 6 series means that you will get an AT&T SIM card and can finance your purchase at 0% over 36-months at $19.41 per month instead of having to make 24 monthly payments of $24.96.

The AT&T Pixel 6 Pro remains at the same $899 because that model already supports mmWave 5G. The only difference is that now you can choose an AT&T variant from the Google Store financed over 36 months at 0% ($24.97 per month) as opposed to paying 24 monthly payments of $37.46. And additionally, the AT&T version comes with an AT&T SIM card.

Since the money part of the equation works out to be the same for both units, it is a personal decision whether you want the SIM card and feel like paying off your purchase in three years or two.

There is another caveat. Choosing the AT&T Pixel 6 model means being limited to the Stormy Black color. Those selecting the AT&T Pixel 6 Pro can choose from Stormy Black and Cloudy White which means no Sorta Sunny.
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