The OnePlus Watch 2 is officially 'introduced' ahead of its February 26 'grand entrance'

The OnePlus Watch 2 is officially 'introduced' ahead of its February 26 'grand entrance'
Do you remember the good old days when almost every new product from a leading tech brand would get a fancy launch event at a trade show like CES, MWC, or IFA following a decent amount of buzz gathered in the rumor mill?

Things... have actually not changed that much for certain companies, but for some reason, OnePlus saw the need to squeeze in an "introduction" of its next-gen smartwatch between the typical rumor run and a "grand entrance" that is now officially scheduled to take place in Barcelona on February 26 during the 2024 edition of the Mobile World Congress.

Here's everything we now know (for sure) about the OnePlus Watch 2

Leaked in pretty great detail already all the way back in November 2023 and teased by its manufacturer just yesterday with a contest you can still enter for a chance to win this very device, the OnePlus Watch 2 is today shown in perfect clarity and press-friendly quality in both a 6-second promotional video and a couple of still images.

That's a highly unusual and decidedly unconventional way to confirm a product launch event that's still almost a week away, even by the typically unorthodox standards of this company's marketing efforts.

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Described as the "perfect companion for the OnePlus 12 series", the OnePlus Watch 2 will come in stunning "Black Steel" and "Radiant Steel" colorways. In addition to sounding (and looking) undeniably luxurious, those obviously reveal the premium build material this impending wearable will use to stand apart from the aluminum-made Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and the extra-robust titanium-constructed Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

Of course, it should be easy to distinguish this bad boy at a first glance even from the Pixel Watch 2, which is also made from stainless steel. The totally funky and original side button housing is probably the design element that's most noticeable and striking about the OnePlus Watch 2, but in terms of its capabilities, the manufacturer expects the "industry-leading" battery life to wow you the most.

That's definitely a bold statement to make in relation with a Wear OS device, and to back it up, OnePlus claims its sophomore smartwatch effort will be able to go up to 100 straight hours without a recharge in "full Smart Mode." While certainly a big number by Wear OS standards that could also eclipse what the Apple Watch Series 9 is capable of in the same department, 100 hours has nothing on the endurance between charges of Garmin Forerunners, for instance.

Many questions remain unanswered

Although the name of Google's wearable software platform comes up in the above paragraph (twice), it's interesting to note that today's OnePlus Watch 2 "introduction" lacks any direct (or even indirect) Wear OS mention. But a number of tipsters seem sure that this is the software path OnePlus will go on after doing something different with the first-gen OnePlus Watch and arguably failing to hit the mark.

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The company itself suggests the "OnePlus Watch 1" was... not great (to say the least), prompting a "reflective pause" before a sequel could be deemed ready for primetime.

Like Google's own improved Pixel Watch 2 sequel to a decidedly underwhelming rookie Apple Watch-rivaling effort, the OnePlus Watch 2 is widely expected but not yet confirmed to pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 processor.

Other important details you may need to wait until February 26 to hear official word on include things like screen size and resolution, the extent and scope of the health monitoring arsenal, and above all, the pricing structure of this next big candidate for the title of best smartwatch money can buy in 2024. That is, of course, if OnePlus can actually keep a secret for six more days...

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