The Motorola Edge+ 5G will get 'at least' two Android OS updates after all

The Motorola Edge+ 5G will get 'at least' two Android OS updates after all
After bizarrely sitting out the high-end smartphone game for a few years, Motorola finally announced its spectacular Android flagship comeback effort a few weeks ago. While our in-depth review of the impending Edge+ is not out yet, the 6.7-inch Snapdragon 865 powerhouse certainly looks stunning on paper, taking somewhat of a risk on an "Endless Edge" display that wraps nearly 90 degrees around both sides of the handset, boldly going where Samsung hasn't dared to go thus far.

Unfortunately, as futuristic as the Motorola Edge+ 5G might look at first glance and as impressive as its specifications objectively are, two things hindered our excitement over the May 14 commercial debut confirmed last month. Fortunately, while it's presumably too late for the company to withdraw from its Verizon exclusivity deal and make the device available on or at least compatible with other US carriers, Motorola has reportedly decided to nip the second big issue in the bud.

After disappointingly committing to a single major software update when taking the wraps off the mmWave 5G-enabled Edge+, the Lenovo-owned company is revising its support oath, according to both Droid-Life and Neowin. Unless Motorola changes its mind again at some point down the line, which is definitely not out of the question, the company's newest ultra-high-end phone is set to receive both Android 11 and Android 12 promotions... someday.

That's far from impressive, of course, and it really should have been standard policy right off the bat. After all, we're talking about a $1,000 product here, packing the best processor available today, alongside a massive 12 gigs of memory and a bunch of other state-of-the-art specs. 

If HMD Global can deliver two OS updates even to the humblest Nokia-branded smartphones released in 2018, Motorola should absolutely do the Edge+ 5G the same courtesy. And keep in mind, this is a device marketed as running a "pure version" of Android 10 out the box.

Technically, Motorola could even surprise us with an Android 13 makeover sometime in 2023, as the company is vowing to roll out "at least two Android OS upgrades" to the Verizon-exclusive Edge+ 5G. But it's probably best not to dream too big all of a sudden. After all, Motorola is not ready to extend the same promise to the "regular" 6.7-inch Edge yet, which means that upper mid-range Snapdragon 765G model with sub-6GHz 5G support could only get one OS update.

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